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greening the city essay 3 week 5

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greening the city essay 3 week 5


read the attached Green City, Clean Waters Summary Report, the plan for developing green infrastructure in Philadelphia, and write a 2 page review, including your own comments and observations. What in it stands out to you? How can this be adapted to your own community( own community is Los Angeles)? What challenges would you see arising and how would you propose mitigating them?


Greening the City of Philadelphia Name: Institution: Course: Date: Greening the City of Philadelphia Being one of the most populous cities in the United States and the largest in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia experiences all of the main challenges that most major cities are facing today. There is a population influx in most of the areas and the demands on the physical structures that were constructed decades ago is mounting significantly. The more the population rises the more the other challenges also come up. Aspects such as effects of the climate change are constantly breaking new ground and with more destructive elements. It is no longer possible for the city planners to ignore or develop short term plans that do not take these elements into considerations. It is also important to note that, financial resources are constantly dwindling and planners have to make do with what they are offered and provide sustainable solutions that will last another several decades or more.[Philadelphia Water Department, Green City Clean Waters, ebook, 1st ed., 2011.] [Phillywatersheds.org, "Green City, Clean Waters | Philadelphia Water Department", Phillywatersheds.Org, last modified...

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