Aug 11, 2017

Greatest moment in Canadian history

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Greatest moment in Canadian history

Pick any moment in Canadian history that you believe to be its greatest moment, use past and future references to highlight its importance in Canadian history. Use minimum of two sources and prove the point well. Make a bibliography if that`s possible
Name: Course Name:Instructor`s Name:Date of Submission:Greatest moment in Canadian historyHistorically, all nations of the world have at one point in time gone through an event which made them who they are. This is because majority of nations have either improved from their past through an intensive battle against their colonial masters. Canada is not an exception to this, as it has endured many adventures to reach their current state. The most memorable of all is the battle of Vimy Ridge which eventually freed the Ridge from German`s control in April 1917. During this time the Canadian military troops resolved the crisis by stepping in and doing what their French and Briton counterparts had perceived to be impossible. The Canadian troops used new strategies and techniques which eventually enabled them to conquer the ridge. The battle was however an extra-ordinary one since its transformed the lives of many people living along the ridge. Vimy RidgeWorld war one was among the largest conflicts the world has ever experienced since the beginning of mankind. It was brought about as a result of complex military alliances that were in Europe. The international crisis that caused the war to begin was brought about by the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. The war lasted for four years and it saw France, Russia and the British Empire lining up against Austria-Hungary and Germany. One of the greatest moments in the Canadian history is the battle that took place at Vimy ridge in April 1917 (Brewster 62).At this time, Germany was considered a part of the powerful British Empire. The victory however can with a huge sacrifice, since approximately 3,600 Canadians were killed and more than 7,000 injured. The seizure of the ridge significantly boosted the Canadian confidence and also elevated their sense of devotion and pride. It also increased their armed forces trust. Until today, the battle is considered a turning point as it led to the independence of the entire Canadian nation. Because of the victory they attained in the Vimy Ridge battle, Canada started to be viewed as a country and not a colony. Even to date, those who died in the battle are still remembered in the Canadian history. In order for one to understand the significance of the battle that took place at Vimy ridge, one has to take some facts into consideration. At this time, Canada was under the control of Britain. In order for Canada to become sovereign, Canada played an enormous contribution to world war one. This made Canada become internationally recognized. The war that took place at Vimy ridge proved to be the greatest sign of sovereignty during world war one. Canada showed assertiveness against the Germans by winning the battle and escaping the shadow of the British that covered Canada.In every battle, losses must be incurred. In this case, Canada lost a lot of lives to the war, but it gained respect all over the world. Over 3,000 people were killed during the war and an about 7,...

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