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Globalization and Cyber Security

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International security: Globalization and Cyber Security


Was not really sure which subject area to select from the choices above, but this essay is on International Security I hope the following info will be useful:

Here is the actual question:

(The two issues I chose for the essay are Globalization and Cyber Security).

Using primarily course readings, personal notes, slides, and other IS course material, answer the following question in 6-7 pages. Use 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and number the pages. Include concise format endnotes AND a bibliography which are not included in the page count. 

Reflecting on the issues discussed in the IS course, choose two you feel pose significant challenges to international security. (I chose Globalization and Cyber Security). In your estimation, do these challenges inevitably lead to conflict or is cooperation possible? Draw upon concepts from this course to explain how you came to this conclusion and suggest how the United States should respond to these challenges. 

I have attached Course Content, The Question and the Course required readings. I have also attached an example of End-notes and Bibliography


International security: Globalization and Cyber Security Name Course Instructor Date Background Since the advent of the internet, the world has become more interconnected and the phenomenon of globalization has resulted in increase interaction. Despite the positive impact of globalization on promoting peace and spreading political freedom, there are challenges since the threat of cyber warfare and has taken a global dimension. Technology allows dispersion of information better than before, and the transnational threats from proliferation of weapons that can be trafficked to cyber warfare that can be waged with the click of a button. In the information age, cyber defense is crucial to maintaining the cyber infrastructure, whereby attacks can disable the security seemed placing the U.S. in a more vulnerable position. cyber attacks on private businesses has garnered interest in the media, but the compromise on national security presents a bigger challenge that has ramifications on the ability of the government to protect the country form external attacks. Challenges of Globalization and Cyber Security to international security Cyber war will gain more prominence in the coming decades, since the nation–states are increasing using cyber warriors to launch attacks on other countries. Cyber attacks that affect national security focus on disrupting the cyber networks, banking system, rail transportation to electric grids to disrupt services and cause damage. For insta...

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