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Geography: Germany

Geography 100 Winter 2013 Country Paper (60 pts) Description: In this assignment students have the opportunity to synthesize a number of concepts from geography and at the same time engage in some research and creative writing. Students are to write a 5-6 page paper on one country of their choice. This country CANNOT be the USA or Canada. However, any other country can be selected as long as you address all the parameters of the assignment. As you will realize, larger countries provide an advantage over smaller countries. In your paper you are expected to describe a trip of 2-4 week duration in which you describe the various physical and human (or social) processes at work in your country of interest. The phenomena or process must be accurate and must be contemporary. You must provide examples of each process. For example, let us imagine your country is the state of Washington (just an example - we can`t use Washington in the assignment.): Heading east from Washington`s largest city Seattle, we encountered the Cascade Mountains, a volcanic mountain arc typical of a subduction zone. This subduction process involves the Juan de Fuca plate being forced under the North American plate to the east. While we traveled east on I-90 we saw Mt. Rainier, an active 14,000 foot high stratovolcano and a classic feature of the subduction process characterized by alternating layers af tephra and lava due to their explosive nature. Stratovolcanos like Mt. Rainier place the rapidly developing countryside surrounding the mountain at some risk from hazards such as. . . Note that in this brief passage there are both concepts from our readings as well as geographic detail that is specific to where you are travelling. Requirements: • Five to Six double-spaced, typewritten pages (10-12 point font, 1” margins) • Be sure to include the following: a. At least 6 major concepts or processes introduced from our text book or from online lecture materials (examples include subduction, demographic transition, urbanization, the inter-tropical convergence zone, the rainshadow effect). These at least 2 of these concepts or processes must be physical and at least 3 must be human. b. Your concepts or processes must come from the following sub-disciplines of geography - either: landforms, climate, resources, population, economic, urban or political geography. c. You must refer to at least 2 latitude and longitude coordinates or a line of longitude or latitude in your paper. These coordinates must occur in the country you are writing about. d. Students are not required to use citations of their sources within the text in this assignment. However, students are required to include a bibliography or a list of references. You must use at least 5 sources for this assignment. These sources may be from journals, books, or the internet. e. Be sure to include place names in your description. At least 12 place names must be mentioned in your description (not necessarily from the place name lists from this class!). • Date due: Friday, March 15th, 11:45 pm. Late papers will be accepted as late as March 17th but will be penalized 8 points. Papers will not be accepted after March 17th! Assessment: This assignment is worth 60 points. You will be assessed on the following: • Organization (10 pts) • Content (40 pts) • Format (10 pts) (this includes bibliography)
NameCourseProfessorDateGeography: GermanyThis paper describes a two week trip to Germany whereby, the geographical, social, and cultural aspects about Germany are analyzed. Germany or officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany is located in central Europe and is one of the largest country in that region. Neighboring countries include Australia which borders it to the south, Denmark bordering to the north, Poland and Czech Republic bordering to the East and lastly to the west is France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The federation of Germany comprises of 16 states each with diverse cultures. Being in the fore front in high tech engineering and product manufacturing, Germany is well known across the world and is among the most influential European states. In addition Germany owns a huge share in the world economy. It is often referred to as a place of coziness or Gemütlichkeit" because of its ancient world charm. This is the reason for choosing Germany as my destination.Germany is a highly decentralized nation but embraces the diverse cultures associated with its regions. Lederhosen and Oktoberfest are beer festivals that most tourists including me usually associate Germany with. The truth is that, there is more to Germany apart from beer. This includes wonderful sceneries and geographical features including the cultures of Germans. However, Oktoberfest draws a lot of visitors annually and is considered the world`s largest fair. The total number of visitors to Germany annually is about 600,000.Germany is a large nation in central Europe charecterized by lots of different landscapes. Travelling to the northern part of Germany, vast coastline stretches along the North and Baltic seas. These are found in the North Germany Plain. The characteristics of this plain include flatness, experiencing a climate with strong winds accompanied by mild to cold temperatures. This is a result of south easterly winds. These winds push water into the Bight. In addition the variations in tides are high which leads to the formation of Wadden Sea. Germany is farther north than the United States not considering Alaska. The climate of Germany is less severe lying between mild and harsh. The mild climate is as a result of north-western Europe`s oceanic climate. Further east is the severe continental climate. Westerly winds are present across the all year bringing warmth during winter and cool in summer. Regions that is further from the coast either to the east or south experience warmer summers and colder winters. Such regions experience reduced precipitation com...

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