Jul 17, 2017

Gentrification in San Francisco

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Gentrification in San Francisco


As we’ve been learning, urban sociologists can focus on macrostructural processes of globalization and urbanization as well as microsocial issues of urbanism, which is more about the urban experience, or life within the city. Urban sociologists also look at the interaction between the micro and the macro through processes like gentrification. For this paper, you’ll want to consider the roles of structure and agency; global economic context; cultural, economic, and structural explanations for the issues you discuss; socio-spatial and population demographics, and how space shapes and is shaped by societal processes.

Topic: Gentrification in San Francisco

Your analysis of the urban issue(s) that you choose must use sociological concepts from class lectures and readings. In fact, the purpose of this assignment is for you to show that you have understood and can use the theories and concepts we’ve been talking about in this class. You will also need to use two outside sociological sources.

Papers should contain:

• A clear, arguable thesis summarized in your introduction and conclusion.

• A description of the urban issue that you’ve chosen including some history of the spaces and places you are analyzing.

• A discussion of how power and inequality play into the urban issues that you identify and analyze.

• Explanations for the issues you discuss that should include some of the following: structure/agency, global economic context, cultural, economic, and structural explanations, socio-spatial and population demographics, and especially how space shapes and is shaped by societal processes.

• A discussion of which theories of urban society help you to understand your example. 

• A bibliography and in-text citations for all sources using ASA format.


Gentrification in San Francisco Name Course Institution Instructor Date Introduction Societal organization, laws, policies, local politics, speculation and access to mortgages have often influenced home ownership in the U.S. Among the working class racial minorities gentrification has had a more profound negative impact, but to the wealthier people it has often resulted to higher home values. As such, racial inequalities are worsened by gentrification making it harder for the poor to improve their economic well being. Supporters of gentrification suppose that the positive effects of the process trickle down to the local economy, and this has influence the debate on use of public space. However, gentrification is at times associated with increased rental evictions for the poor, as agents, house owners, real estate developers seek to attract more moneyed residents and better financed businesses. This paper highlights on gentrification in San Francisco, while also mentioning the interplay of power and inequality in gentrification as well as sociological theories that explain the phenomenon. Background and history of gentrification Gentrification in San Francisco has reconfigured the geographical lines in the area, typically pushing the minorities and working class people to high dense areas with fewer social amenities. Nowadays with the growth of high tech industry, companies have attracted well paid tech professionals who can afford to pay higher housing rents.


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