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Future Impact of the Situation: Ethical and Legal Issues

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Future Impact of the Situation: Ethical and Legal Issues


Using search tool, Summon, select a recent article or news story about honesty or academic integrity that was not already presented in the lesson and is different than your classmates’ posts. Link the story in your forum post and summarize the situation. Discuss the present and future impact of the situation. Now that you have conducted some preliminary research, how might an allegation questioning your academic integrity impact your future? Properly format the article in one documentation style at the bottom of your post. Be sure to identify the citation method you used.


Week 4: Ethical and Legal Issues Name Course Instructor Date In the article, (2016) argues that there ought to be a moral code that governs how people behave, as they respect the personal space and property of other people. Honesty and integrity are integral to behaving honorably, and when there is mistrust among college student people are cautious, the


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