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Freedom Bound

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Ella Baker: Freedom Bound


During a 1969 speech at the Institute of the Black World, Ella Baker stated “…[O]ne of the guiding principles has to be that we cannot lead a struggle that involves masses of people without identifying with the people and without getting the people to understand what their potentials are, what their strengths are.” (Grant, 192). Using this quote as your guide, analyze how Ella Baker followed this principle throughout her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, using at least three specific examples from Ella Baker: Freedom Bound to illustrate your argument.

The only source you will use for this paper is the book Ella Baker: Freedom Bound by Jo Ann Grant. Your essays will be typed, using 12-point Times New Roman (or a comparable) font and 1-inch margins all around. All papers will be double-spaced. Do not skip lines between paragraphs. Include a cover page on your paper. Your name must be in a header on all pages. Your essays will be a minimum of three pages in length. The length will be computed by starting from the first line of writing on the first page and ending with the last line of writing on the last page. Failing to meet page lengths will result in a failing grade. I will stop reading at the bottom of the fifth page; subsequent material will be ignored. Citations will be in Chicago Style format. All essays MUST be submitted through the Ella Baker Dropbox in Week 5 on D2L. Late papers receive a 10% deduction for each calendar day the paper is late.


ELLA BAKER: FREEDOM BOUND Name Course Title Date In her speech of 1969, Ella Baker argued that one of the most important guidelines is that people ought not to start struggles that engage many people without relating to the people themselves and letting them note their abilities and potentials.  In this case, Ella baker adhered to the latter principle throughout her involvement in the civil right movements. Ella Baker believed in the act of providing light for the people for them to find the right path on their own. With light, the people would definitely see the right path and would rarely fall in traps or temptations. Most important, Ella Baker could spend her entire days trying to make individuals comprehend their capabilities as well as prospective in order to enable them face life issues. It can be deduced th


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