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Founders Analysis Paper: Leadership and Statesmanship

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Founders Analysis Paper: Leadership and Statesmanship


Please read the instructions, PDF files, and grading rubric (uploaded) documents for this assignment very thoroughly and carefully. ONLY use the sources I asked for in the instructions document. Assignment not written according to instructions will need revision, possibly more than one. Do not plagiarize, whatsoever.


504: Founders Analysis Paper Instructions


Module/Week 1 provided an overview of biblical principles related to leadership, statesmanship, and government. In this module/week, you evaluate the lives, actions and decisions of key leaders in the American founding. In turn, this paper will require you to analyze those founders in light of the biblical principles discussed in Module/Week 1. It consists of 2 parts: 1) A summarization of biblical principles of government, leadership, and statesmanship relevant to founding a nation (1.5 pages); and 2) an application of those principles to the decisions and actions of George Washington and Patrick Henry (2.5 pages). These sections must be discussed in the order presented above and with appropriate headings. In Part 2, remember to provide specific evidence (i.e., actions taken and decisions made) to explain how these leaders demonstrated the various attributes and principles discussed in Part 1.


  • 4 FULL pages, not counting the title page or references page
  • 5 scholarly sources (sources are below under “Further Instructions on Sources”)
  • Citations from Newell and Vaughan (1997).


The grading rubric provides more specifics for the paper and each required section.


Further Instructions on Sources:

  1. 3 quotes/in-text citations from this book Vaughan, David. J. Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry. Leaders in Action. Nashville: Cumberland House Publishing, 1997. The chapter you MUST have quotes/in-text citations from is call “The Life of Patrick Henry.” You can access majority of the chapter at this website, http://books.google.com/books?id=OJxE8hg1VB0C&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false. Next, you have to click on the down arrow on the top right side of the page that says “Front Covers.” Then you can click on “The Life of Patrick Henry” starting on page 25 – ending on page 81.
  2. 4 quotes/in-text citations from this book Newell, Terry. Statesmanship, Character, and Leadership in America. New York: Palgrave MacMillian, 2013. The Preface and Washing chapters has been provided for you – It is a PDF file (that I have uploaded) call “Newell_Preface&Washington.”
  3. 3 quotes/in-text citations from the PDF file “Biblical Principles of History and Government.” In this PDF file, go to the “Contents” page, and concentrate on “Book 1: Explanation of Principles.” ONLY concentrate on pages 10-70 for this assignment.
  4. 1 quote/in-text citation from PDF file: “Leadership and Statesmanship.”
  5. 1 appropriate biblical Scripture that go along with this assignment.

Leadership and Statesmanship Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Most citizens look forward to leaders that have the right qualities to elevate their country to the next level. Majority of the research indicate a decline in the level of confidence that citizens now have with reference to getting leaders that have the leadership qualities and the statesmanship that has so rarely been exhibited. A good majority of the founding fathers of the nations had these qualities more so the statesmanship trait, where leaders would be selfless in service to the people. Thesis statement: Leadership and statesmanship are two different entities but they have played a subtle role in the establishment of the nation and the development of character for the founding fathers. This means that; “God gifts people in different ways for different things…We just have to be obedient and we have to be obedient in real and practical ways (pg 4).” Part A Relative to the influence of Christianity on leadership, statesmanship and governance there are a number of biblical principles that leaders are gauged with. The first principle relates to the fact that God is the source of definitive power, truth and authority. This means that; “If God has all authority, then we must act according to His authority. Just because we have the power (ability) to do something does not mean


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