For Your Comfort (FYC) knowledge management - corporate strategy

For Your Comfort (FYC) knowledge management - corporate strategy

Corporate strategy essentially focuses on achieving the highest top line (profit), reducing the bottom line (expense), increasing margins, differentiating products to match the VoC (Voice of the Customer), and incorporating best practices such as lean manufacturing and zero inventory to gain competitive advantage.

You want to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to tap vital information from a well-organized IS set-up.


List the important information and metrics that are deliverable through knowledge management/business intelligence systems for Donna and Debbie`s formulation of FYC`s corporate strategy for the current year. These metrics and information should be retrieved internally from the various departments and externally from the company`s suppliers, customers, and wholesalers.

Categorize them into line functions (sales and marketing, manufacturing and distribution, and customer service) and staff functions (administration, HR, sourcing, finance, and accounts).

Your task can be in the form of a Word document report with not more than 4 paragraphs, a diagrammatic representation (flowchart, process diagram, fish diagram, DFDs), or a simple list of bullet points categorized into subtopics.

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