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Follow the directions below for the completion of the Annotated Bibliography assignment for Unit II.

? Purpose: The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to summarize the sources that you have gathered to support your research proposal project. These summaries help you to think about the complex arguments presented in your sources.

? Description: In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography consisting of SEVEN sources. Each entry will consist of a reference list citation, a summary of the source’s information, and a one-sentence assessment. Each annotation should be between 150 to 200 words. If an entry is shorter than 150 words, it is likely you have not fully developed your summary, and this lack of development can severely impact your grade for this


NO plagiarism.

An example is attached.

The 7 sources can be about cancer or any good topic that has a controversy.

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Running head: TITLE OF PAPER (DO NOT EXCEED 50 CHARACTERS) 1 The running head is a shortened version of the paper’s full title, and it is used to help readers identify the titles for published articles (even if your paper is not intended for publication, your paper should still have a running head). Title of the Paper Student Name Columbia Southern University The title should summarizethe paper’s main idea and identify the variables under discussion and therelationship between them. The author’s name and institution should be double-spaced and centered. The title should be centered on the page, typed in 12-point Times New Roman Font. It should not be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Blue boxes contain directions for writing and citing in APA style. Since this is a Review of Literature with the reference listed above the summary, only page numbers are needed for quoted material. Please check with professors for preferences on using direct quotes. Green text boxes contain explanations of APA style guidelines. TITLE OF PAPER (DO NOT EXCEED 50 CHARACTERS) 2 Title of the Paper Etherington, M. (2008). E-Learning pedagogy in the primary school classroom: The McDonaldization of education, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 33(5), 3, 1-48. Etherington describes the dehumanization of primary students as a direct result of online pedagogy. He goes on to illustrate the potential problems that will stem from this: “isolation, lack of community and decreased socialization of its learners….repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity, and social isolation” (p. 43). His research also notes that human advancement led them to create better technology. This technology led humans to become reliant on machines solely, which in its brilliance demands social isolation. “When a child gets on their computer….there is no sense of a physical connection – there is only a mask that lies on top of a set of computer instructions” (p. 34). Further research indicated that if a teacher…

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