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Florida Law

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Florida Law


Please complete the following. 1. Read E.J. Dionne Jr.`s "Repeal Stand-Your-Ground Laws" ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ej-dionne-repeal-stand-your-ground-laws/2014/02/19/38fd3d64-999f-11e3-80ac-63a8ba7f7942_story.html ), Liz Goodwin`s "Florida Lawmakers Vote to Expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law" ( http://news.yahoo.com/florida-lawmakers-vote-to-expand--stand-your-ground--law-200940342.html ), and John Lott`s "Perspective: In Defense of Stand Your Ground Laws" ( http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-10-28/opinion/ct-oped-1029-guns-20131029_1_ground-laws-blacks-ground-defense ). Then, write an essay (900+ words) where you discuss whether Florida`s "Stand Your Ground" law should be repealed, amended, or left unchanged. Explain your position using the reasoning, evidence, and/or conclusions provided in the articles by Dionne, Goodwin, and Lott. In addition,you must draw on at least two additional sources from the academic and legal research on this topic. (Ebsco Academic Search Premiere would be a useful starting place.) Also, each paragraph of the essay must have at least one APA Style direct quotation or paraphrase whether its from Dionne, Goodwin, Lott, or another source. Before submitting your work, students are encouraged to use the free Smarthinking Tutoring service. Click on "Learning Resources" for log on instructions. Students who use Smarthinking Tutoring and submit their tutor`s comments with their paper will receive extra credit on their assignment. The assignment must be written in APA Style with references. Papers that do not meet these this requirement will not be graded. The rubric (grading criteria) for written assignments is available under the Rubrics tab in the course menu.


Stand Your Ground Laws Name: Institution: Stand Your Ground Laws Florida “stand your ground” law allows individuals who are not involved in illegal undertakings the right to defend themselves by meeting force by force (Dionne , 2013). If they perceive it right even to use deadly force in order for them to avoid major bodily harm and or death. Law is not meant to cause trouble instead it is designed to solve problems. Therefore, if a law is not helping the citizens feel safe and secure, then such law demands for repeal and r amendments. The Florida law seems flawed in that one does not need a real threat all is required of them is to feel or believe a threat then they can react in the so called self-defense. Force in self-d


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