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Financial Impacts of the World Wars

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United States Involvement in World War 1 & 2: Financial Impacts of the World Wars


College Freshman level paper on U.S. involvement in WWW 1 and WWW 2. Include the financial impacts that may or may not be being felt today.
INTRODUCTION & THESIS: The essay makes a clear and effective statement (the thesis) about the chosen topic. 
FOCUS AND DEVELOPMENT: Body of the essay focuses on this thesis and develops it fully, recognizing the complexity of issues. 
SUPPORT AND SYNTHESIS: Uses sufficient and relevant evidence to support the thesis (and primary points), including facts, inferences, and judgments. Quotes, summarizes, and paraphrases accurately and effectively--appropriately introducing and explaining each quote.
CONVENTIONS: Uses MLA format correctly; includes a Works Cited list; is free of errors. 
CORRECTNESS AND STYLE: Shows critical thinking and depth of understanding; uses appropriate tone; shows sophistication in language usage and sentence structure.


Name Course Instructor Date United States Involvement in WW 1 And 2 Introduction The two world wars while often denounced as wars of ideology, pitting two alliances against each other were primarily wars overs control of resources. All nations that got involved in the war hoped in some way to benefit from their contribution to the war effort. In terms of financial costs, the six major players spent an inordinate amount of money between 1914 and 1915. The United States spent $ 22,625,253,000, Great Britain spent 35,334,012,000, and France spent 24,265,583,000, Germany 37,775,000,000, Russia 22,293,950,000 and Italy 12,413,998,000CITATION Spa15 p ": spartacus-educational.com" l 1033 (Spartacus Educational : spartacus-educational.com). These nations hoped that by spending such financial resources, they would reap a greater financial reward. The Second World War was devastating in its effect to human life and damage to property’ It was largely driven by technological advances that led to 80 million dead compared to 20 million in world war oneCITATION Nad11 p 2 l 1033 (Nadège Mougel- Reperes 2). In both wars, the nations hoped for quick military victories within a span of weeks. These nations did not envisage that a military war could potential result in an economic war. Major players had hoped that they could achieve victory quickly before an economic war was necessary. The failure for any side to achie


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