Aug 11, 2017

Final Assessment

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Final Assessment

1- You are encouraged to draw on the literature to support and justify your arguments. 2- Just use nursing journal articles. 3- I`ll choose the topics for Question 1 and 2 That you should write about them. You will find a file which has 3 questions. Please us the topic that I send to answer No 1&2, and do your best in answer 3 please
NursingStudent NameSchool Name:Nursing Question 1 Medication administration is amongst the most important procedures in administration of treatment. It is through administering medicine to a patient can their health be restored. Therefore it calls for a nurse to be extremely careful when administering medication to the patients (Nursing2012 Drug Handbook, 2012). Medication administration is important to my practice because it ensures that I deliver the service the client has paid for within the legal framework while upholding the ethics of healthcare administration. I have improved my knowledge in this area and I intend to use the 8 rights of medication administration in my future practice. Patients are cared for by more than one nurse in shifts, therefore should the patient be introduced new drugs I would note down such medication and make sure that the same information is passed down to my fellow nurses so that the correct medication is administered to the patient. Lack of or assessment that is delayed about the deterioration of a patient is a fundamental problem (Lewis, 2011). Therefore examining the patient [from head to toe] at the end and beginning of each shift and before handing over is important. The Knowledge gained especially the FIRST (2)ACT model of stimulation (Buykx et al, 2011) will help me in future be able to carry out assessments on an evidence based constituents, and therefore allow me to give expert opinion on based on the reviews that I would have conducted on the patient. This way I will also increase my self confidence, my competence as well as allow me to gain more knowledge understanding diseases and how to take proper care of patients and help in detecting deteriorations timely. Question 2 By focusing on time management I will be able to free my mind to think of other things by writing down what I am supposed to do on a piece of paper [creating a “to do List”] (Nurses and Effective Time Management, 2012). To manage my time more efficiently I should be able to learn how to prioritize the list created [the “to do list”] this will enable me to work in a systematic order. Each time I finish a task, I should cross it from the list. Doing this will enable me to know the accomplished and pending tasks (Mathew & Whelan, 1993). It will also help me avoid procrastination which is important in offloading of duties at the correct time to avoid rushing through them. Managing my time will allow me to organize my home and work life to avoid conflict of interest and therefore allowing me to concentrate more on what matters at a particular time. The nursing career being marred by emergencies, proper management of time will allow me to have adequate time to respond to emergencies should they arise. Lastly it will help me in delegating tasks appropriately and therefore free myself from engaging in every activity which is quite stressful and taxing (Walton & Reeves, 1996). I would also want to enhanc...

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