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Facts and Analysis on Lincoln Electric

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Chinese Company: Facts and Analysis on Lincoln Electric


Hi, this is a case analysis on Lincoln Electric (Chinese Company). 
The purpose of this assignment is to Make a decision as to what are the major problems of the case.
With the problems in mind, think and search for alternative courses of action that would be feasible. Research is necessary at this stage. Consult general texts and special references pertinent to the problems. Searching the web (e.g., Google search `Lincoln Electric in China` and reviewing Lincoln`s website are recommended. If business conditions affect the solution, find the appropriate facts.
Analyze and evaluate the materials considering both the strengths and the weaknesses.
Decide on what your specific recommendations are to be.
This is how the format shall look 
Summary of the facts: Present a brief summary of the important facts. Omit non essential facts.
Problems: State the problems or questions concisely.
Analysis: Present your analysis in outline form with complete sentences. Follow good practices in the use of spacing, indentations, and other techniques that invite attention to the important points, making your report easy to read. The makeup of your report is important. Express your ideas clearly. Support your ideas with adequate information and data. The strengths and weaknesses of alternative courses of action should be developed. The analysis should build to support your recommendation.
Recommendations: This section should be brief but an answer must be given to each of the problems or questions stated in #2 above.
Supporting evidence: Tables, charts, or other research-based information.
Bibliography: Sources of information that you found to be helpful in preparing the case should be cited here. This is essential.
The analysis is in an outline form (single space)
Attached is the case study one original file and modified.


Lincoln Electric Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Introduction Lincoln Electric is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company specializes in welding and cutting equipment production, as well as electric motors. It boasts a successful management regime, especially in the United States. Its success centers on its great incentive system. The company is famed for its totally committed employees and its embracement of technology. Its incentive system in Cleveland for example, also called the piece rate payment scheme, which is a bonus system given at the end of the year, which places emphasis on individual performance. This bonus is sometimes as massive as one’s salary in some cases. Many other corporations usually strive to match or better the successes of the company to no avail. This paper looks at the entry of the company into the Chinese market and the dilemma it faces over the same, considering this is a new country with an entirely new culture (Bjorkman & Galunic, 2003). Summary of the facts There is a new leadership in place for the company, as Jeffrey Kundrach has replaced Julius Wu as the new General Manager. The prevailing situation is that the company is enjoying quite a tremendous growth in China, with much of what looked like an open, deserted place now filled with offices. The company took the opportunity of introducing automatic technology into the Chinese market, after the local stick companies kept engaging in a fi...

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