Aug 11, 2017

Facebook Organization

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Facebook Organization

** find the attachment ** We are a team of 3 students doing a 10 to 12 page paper (double space), and my part is to do 1/3 of it, 3~4 pages – now about 1 page is done and I need 3 more pages, please add ½ page to intro, and 2 ½ pages to the second teases - (2) Moreover it will explore ways on how Facebook as an organization is going to establish appropriate methodologies … etc About the paper: The objective of this project is to improve your understanding and mastery of the materials you learned from this class. You will choose an organization (Facebook) to investigate and profile its business operations and IT. Text book for this class is: Baltzan, P. (2012). Business Driven Information Systems. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. LEARNING OBJECTIVES OF THIS CLASS: 1. Understand the direct impact information has on an organization`s performance. 2. Analyze enterprise management decision-making needs in terms of appropriate business applications. 3. Assess appropriate methodologies used to develop technical and applications architectures for intranet, extranet, and Internet systems for enterprise business management. 4. Understand how to develop collaborative enterprise business management practices. 5. Evaluate enterprise application software needs for intranet, extranet, and Internet systems for collaborative business scenarios. 6. Understand the systematic steps in research, development and presentation of a business case analysis for the design and implementation of IT management systems.
Facebook OrganizationOperations IT SystemProfessor ChewT/Th 2:00pmStudents Name:Canena M. FunesSchool Name:Notre Dame de Namur University Introduction Facebook has been a growing organization for the past five years. It constantly adheres to the technology that embeds itself seamlessly in the lives of each user. According to statistics, active users log in to Facebook on a day-to-day basis. Lately, participants access Facebook through the latest technologies such as mobile phones (Baltzan, 2012). Facebook has been embedded as an “app” or application in various mobile platforms designed for iPods, Androids, iPhones, Blackberries and other gadgets designed to allow access to the site at all durations. The key objective of this thesis paper is to understand the direct impact of information towards Facebook`s performance functions. Since its creation, Facebook has undergone changes in its structure as well as in the way it serves its users. Since its launch in 2004, it has continued to dominate the social networking industry, which allows individuals to connect and reconnect with friends. It also links people and groups that have common interest and characteristics. Facebook is a clear investment that shows that a single idea can change the world if only implemented effectively (Mithas, 2012). Its rapid growth globally with millions of users creating accounts gave the company the reputation it needed overcoming predecessors in the industry. Its initial set up that restricted the users to Harvard College students was a step in the business making decision that needs to taken in the initial stages of a business.This paper is also going to examine ways on how the organization is going to critically analyze its management decision-making needs in terms of appropriate business applications. Facebook has recently unveiled many applications one of them being Facebook Timeline. Moreover it will explore ways on how Facebook as an organization is going to establish appropriate methodologies which would be used to develop technical architectures and applications for intranet, extranet and internet systems for business management as these a...

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