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Extra Credit Unit 11: Facts About the Life of Ivan IV

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Extra Credit Unit 11: Facts About the Life of Ivan IV


For up to 10 points of extra credit, read some comments about Ivan IV by a contemporary Englishman and--in the realm of "Can you believe it?"--this account of Ivan`s life and write a paragraph commenting on the life of Ivan IV.
For extra credit, please suggest a relevant website for this unit of the course. Send your instructor the title of the site, the URL and a brief explanation why you find the information interesting and applicable to the material being studied this unit.
"a contemporary Englishman" link:
"account of Ivan`s life" link:


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Extra Credit Unit 11 The presented facts about the life of Ivan IV have weight within the contemporary society given the fact that it gives the history of Russia’s empires. Importantly, the information presented is pivotal on Muscovy’s transformation with the killing of Ivan’


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