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  • scoring guide icon Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
  • Website icon APA Style and Format.
  • Website icon Americans and Their Cell Phones.

Note: You are required to complete this discussion before completing the unit assignment, Computer Lab: Exploratory Data Analysis: Pew Mobile.

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in society and may be at the root of certain problems including automobile accidents, decrease in social interaction, causing frustration with being too available, and reduction in educational achievements. Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is one approach to hypothesis generation about topics such as these.

de Mast and Kemper (2009) suggested three steps for using EDA to develop mental models before hypotheses are generated. They are:

  1. Display the data.
  2. Identify the salient features.
  3. Interpret the features.

For this discussion, you will use the SPSS data file you started analyzing in Unit 3 from the Pew Research Internet Project’s May 2010 survey of 2,277 adults, aged 18 and older.

  • Refer to Computer Lab: Descriptive Statistics Mobile Phones activity in Unit 3.
  • Load the SPSS file for the dataset “May 2010 – Cell Phone.”
  • Rememberthe data file may not have been cleaned and may not yet be properly coded. The interviews were conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
  • Explore one of the scale variables (Q18, Q20, or #Apps), run EDAand Descriptives from SPSS and its mean and standard deviation. If there is any missing data, oddly coded data (Don’t Knows, Refusal to Answer, et cetera), or outliers, address these issues to assure your estimates of descriptive statistics are accurate. Determine and report if the data are normally distributed (describing the visual graphs and the result of the K-S statistic).
  • Explore one of the questions with a non-scale measurement in the survey and report its level of measurement (either nominal or ordinal) and measure of central tendency and variability. If there are missing data, outliers, or oddly coded data (Don’t Knows or Refusals, et cetera), address them to report how you ensured these issues did not affect your estimates of descriptive statistics. This analysis should be done using the SPSS Frequenciescommand under Analyze.
  • Place the requested information in the discussion space using your statistical writing skills and the APA sixth edition style to the best of your ability to explore all the variables:
    • How did you treat missing or oddly coded data, and outliers?
    • What did you visually observe about your variables?
    • What were the results of testing for normality for scale (interval or ratio) variables?
    • What is the difference in the graphs for scale and non-scale variables?
    • How would you summarize the descriptive statistics for each variable?
    • How would you state a potential null and alternative hypotheses that might be of interest and important to the test, based on your discoveries in this data?

You may read Smith’s 2011 article, “Americans and Their Cell Phones,” from this unit’s readings, which is a descriptive report of the study and the methodology.

Attach a single SPSS.spv file using the file name YourLastName4.spv to this discussion.

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