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Explain why it would involve resources & specialist services from a number of service providers

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CHCIC305B Provide behaviour support in the context of individual plans.

CHCDIS409B Provide services to people with disabilities with complex needs.


Samantha, aged 35, has an intellectual disability & has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sam has always been eager to help other people & has had no problem at all in finding work & earning a good income, which provided for her needs while she was living at home. She was the last of seven children in the Quinn family to leave home. Her parents felt that she needed to take her next step & to live outside of the family, as they would not always be around to look after her.

Sams’ parents had decided to purchase a unit, which Sam would share with two other friends who also have a mild intellectual disability. Sam was keen to live with her friends when this was organised two years ago. The families of the girls visited regularly for the first three months; however, when they felt confident that the girls were coping quite well, the parents decided to visit less often so as to give the girls some space & confidence that they could cope without their parents’ ‘intrusion’. Sam’s parents felt so confident about the new living arrangements that they decided to take a long overdue holiday overseas.

When they returned, they were surprised that Sam wasn’t with her siblings at the airport to meet them. The other children who were all married, waited until they got home to tell their parents that Sam had lost her job. Her older brother had recently been around to the unit. He was surprised that the two original flatmates had left & Sam had allowed four other people move in, including one male who seemed to be under the influence of illicit drugs. There seemed to be the smell of cannabis wafting through the rooms.

On hearing the news, the Quinns immediately went around to see Sam. Sam was extremely excited to see her parents, but her whole demeanour was now a major concern. Sam was talking very quickly, jumping from one idea to another, & became easily distracted. She seemed over excited about her new lifestyle & new boyfriend, Tom. It seemed that they were both behaving impulsively & taking part in high-risk behaviour involving drugs.

Following that visit, Sam’s life took a downward spiral & it was only after Tom had left that the Quinns were able to convince Sam to seek help. Sam was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which was compounded by her drug addiction.

While living at home, Sam had been protected by her parents. This was a god thing; without her parents, she may have been hurt in many different ways. However, the consequence was that she was far too trusting of & dependent on others. When Tom came along, she became too reliant on him & her vulnerability created severe problems. However, it was difficult to know whether the bipolar disorder was linked to her new lifestyle or to her drug addiction. During counselling, it also came out that Sam was experimenting with other forms of high-risk behaviour, including sexual promiscuity & shoplifting.


1.Outline the steps that should be taken to develop Sam’s service delivery plan.

2.Explain why it would involve resources & specialist service from a number of service providers.

3.Discuss the importance of coordination requirements in relation to Sam’s plan.

4.Outline the monitoring, evaluation & review of Sam’s delivery plan.

In addition to that, write a service delivery plan for this client using the attached template. Ensure that you are following best practice guidelines & you specify who is responsible for each task within the care team. Remember that there will be a team of professionals involved, each with a specific agenda. Also provide within the evaluation specific guidelines for how you will judge if the intervention is successful & how to renegotiate new goals if required

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