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Explain the plan the company should follow to manage employee performance

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Human Resource Planning

Review Juanita’s World Parts 1-5, which are attached, and write a 5-7 page paper. Pretend you are Juanita and develop a human resource plan to share with your boss. Develop a scenario which analyzes and summarizes the current situation for the employer. You are to create details that make this scenario more realistic and support your response to the issues and questions presented below.

Your paper should include the following:

  • Evaluate the cultural issues that need to be addressed
  • Analyze the ethical considerations that apply
  • Describe the organization’s current hiring needs and projected hiring needs for the coming year
  • Develop a recruitment plan for fulfilling the company’s current and future hiring needs
  • Explain the plan the company should follow to manage employee performance
  • Identify at least 4 laws or regulations that apply to the company. Explain the actions Juanita’s company has to take to ensure they are conforming to the requirements of these identified laws and regulations.
  • Provide a recommendation for the organization on how they can motivate employees while adhering to the legal and regulatory requirement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Write a 5 to 7-page paper in Word format. Use at least three resources to justify your responses. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.

Juanita’s World part 1

Juanita is meeting with her new boss, Rich Ryblessi, the
Director of Regional Services. Rich highlights his concerns in the following
areas: analysis and design of work, recruitment and selection, training and
development, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee
relations, personnel policies, compliance with laws, and strategies for
supporting the mission.

At the end of the meeting Juanita returns to her office and
reflects on the meeting. As best as she can determine, HR has typically been
relegated to simply processing paperwork and counseling people who had
questions about issues like health insurance and paychecks. And although Rich
has identified many important areas for HR, Juanita senses that he really
expects no more from her than he did of the previous HR Manager. However, Juanita
believes she can and should contribute more to the mission and vision and can
help Rich overcome a number of challenges.

Juanita’s World part 2

Yesterday was a bit of a surprise for Juanita as she sensed
a gap between what her boss said he wanted and what he conveyed as expectations
and limits on her authority. It is now Day 2 and she is excited and ready to go
with her early afternoon appointment with fundraising’s Director of

As she is reviewing past reports on fundraising efforts and
success a visitor stops in to see her. When Melissa, introduces herself Juanita
finds that she is the previous HR Manager who left the organization about 3
months earlier. Juanita perceives this is an ideal time to glean what she can
about challenges and opportunities. While speaking with Melissa, Juanita finds
out who the real workers are and who just seems to be filling a spot. She
learns that since resources are limited they have struggled to find qualified
and committed personnel to fill numerous important positions. Juanita finds
that the people do care…a lot…about the mission but hardly think beyond their
current circumstances and most are discouraged with their perceived lack of
impact on their community. When Juanita questions Melissa about why she left
she finds that Melissa had aspired to have greater responsibility and make a
bigger impact but felt limited in her role in this organization. In a way, this
confirmed for Juanita that she would definitely have to speak with Rich sooner
than later to be sure she understood her authority to do all she thought she
was hired to do.

As she visits with Jackie, the Director of Development, she
learns that the economy has had a negative impact on their historical donor
base. Cash gifts are down and have been trending down for about 2 years. Gifts
in kind, like food, are up but since it is perishable they must distribute it
quickly or it must be thrown away. And, since gifts are down they have had to
rely more heavily on volunteers. This means their drivers and those who
distribute food are less consistent and reliable. This is beginning to impact
their gifts from donors since they are finding out that much of what they are
giving is being thrown away.

As Juanita sits in her office at the end of the day she
feels she is beginning to understand the complexity of the issues. It seems she
has limited authority over areas that most HR Managers have and that the lack
of cash is negatively impacting their ability to hire and retain the right
people. Since she cannot control the availability of cash she will have to come
up with some innovative ways to better hire and retain the right people.

Juanita’s World part 3

attending one of her last classes last night Juanita learned of an assignment
she has related to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). As she is driving home
from class she realizes that her new employer would be a great source for the
assignment and help her better understand how to do her job better.

she met with Rich he never mentioned laws and regulations that may impact the
organizations. And, when she thinks about it, she had assumed that since they
were a non-profit doing work to alleviate hunger that they would somehow be
exempt from government oversight.

appointment for Day 3 has cancelled so she decides to use the day to learn what
she can about laws and regulations that they could be potentially violating and
also try to better understand how they could use them to their advantage.

about 2 hours of research she has learned:

  • Full time
    employees number between 15-30 people depending on the year and workload.
  • They receive
    both federal and state contracts. Each is for $20,000 per year.
  • Periodically
    they hire people who serve in the National Guard and Reserves.

Juanita’s World part 4

It is Juanita’s 4th day on the job and it has been both
exciting and scary. The more she learns the more she realizes she has to learn
if she is to be successful in this new role. Based on her observations in
previous jobs and as an intern at her last non-profit experience, it seemed as
if the pace was slow and easy. To her surprise and with great anticipation, she
is finding that there is much to be done to help this organization that she is
so committed to.

Her passion and commitment runs deep as a first generation
Hispanic American in her family. She remembers the trouble her family had
finding suitable housing, food, and work when they first came to America when
she was just 6 years old. Much has changed for her and her family but not
without pain and sacrifice. Juanita is determined to make a difference for
those who have little ability to help themselves. And, as far as she is
concerned, this applies to all the stakeholders she will serve including the
hungry, employees, employer, and the community at large.

Although there is much to do she remembers what her mama
taught her….you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Based on this counsel she
decides to establish some short term priorities based on what she has learned
so far. From what she has heard during her first conversations with managers
and what she hears from various employees, it seems the greatest need the
organization has is to stabilize the employee base.

Her own job description seems inadequate for what the job
will entail and she wonders if this is true of other jobs. She wonders if job
descriptions are designed to reflect what is or what used to be when the
organization was just getting started. And, how have they historically planned
for their needs or have they merely reacted to changing requirements?

Juanita’s World part 5

Juanita feels she is developing rapport and trust with a
number of the people she has visited with. It seems obvious that hiring and
retaining the right people is critical to long term success. As she has probed
deeper into the issues she has turned up some details on performance
appraisals…or lack thereof, a weakness in employee and volunteer development
and a significant lack of training.

Given these difficulties she decides the best way to gather
information without having to schedule more appointments with people she has
already visited is to simply engage in some discussion via email. She builds
her group list and then begins to compose her email.

“….thank you for taking the time to help me feel
welcome and for sharing your perspective on how HR and I can better help you
accomplish your goals as well as the mission that we share. As I continue to
meet with various people I find that most challenges we face point back to
training and development, our performance evaluation system and related
feedback, and a lack of a career track for full time employees. I am hoping you
will help me out by responding to a few questions by email so I can keep
thinking about these issues without having to make another appointment with you
so soon after our initial meeting.”

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