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Experimental Quick Coffee: Examine God`s Laws of Addiction

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 Experimental Quick Coffee: Examine God`s Laws of Addiction


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Module/week 2 theology and addiction. This assignment, professor give us Choice to choose something of significance to give up. I choose coffee drinking because I am addicted to caffeine. I drink coffee every day
Coffee addiction. 
Recognize clinical features of ongoing addiction, why people continue to abuse in spite of the devastating costs.
Examine worldview of addiction.
• Examine God`s laws of addiction.
• Classify addiction and recovery.
• Recognize alternative approaches to treating addiction.
• Identify the addictive qualities associated with the different classes 
of drugs Responding 2 of classmates with 100- words replies, you pick, Could be any addiction


Experimental Quick Coffee Student Name: University Name: Professor: Experimental Quick Coffee As a young American, I generally like eating healthy food to keep my body less toxic and in shape. I love vegetables a lot that my friends worry whether am a vegetarian or something. The main reason is that I am a Christian with a strong background values on healthy eating. Despite my careful diet keep up, I have found coffee addictive and hard to stop. Coffee contains a substance called caffeine; it is the most consumed psychoactive stimulant substance in the world and not regulated by any governmental agencies. Coffee is the only beverage with a high percentage of caffeine content in it and the most co


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