Aug 09, 2017

Events as a Marketing Tool

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Events as a Marketing Tool

 Typed on 8 ¨ö x 11 inch white paper (2 points).  12 point font (Times or Times New Roman) (2 points).  1 inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right—you will need to reset your defaults in Word (2 points).  Double space (2 points).  Spell check (1 point for each spelling error).  Grammar check (1 point for each grammatical error).  Page numbers (2 points).  Use headings and if appropriate, sub headings, to help organize your papers. A reader can get lost in a paper that seems to go on forever. Headings help the reader keep track of the information within a paper (5 points).  Must have a conclusion that summarizes or ¡°wraps up¡± the paper (5 points).
Events as a Marketing Tool Name Course Date Events as a Marketing Tool Introduction Events have emerged as a vital marketing tool for organizations. This follows a realization that, having a direct contact and interaction with the clients and potential clients have a major influence on the success of marketing. While advertisements through various channels create awareness of the existence of a brand and its usage, event marketing serves to bring such brands to life, through allowing for a direct and face-to-face interaction between the brands and the target groups (Allen, 2004). The organization of conventions, events or galas can act as powerful marketing tools for an organization`s brand. Events do vary in their organization and management, ranging from the very big events such as the world cup, Olympics and major music concerts, to the smaller ones such a breakfast meeting. Notwithstanding the size of the event, they can have a lasting impact on the participants and the audience involved, if well executed. Discussion Events can be used as strategic marketing tools, to market an organization and its products, establish business relationships and even reward customers for their continued support in purchasing their products (McKinney, 2003). The bottom line of an event is the creation of a scenario where people will converge, thus creating a good platform for an organization to create awareness or evoke interests on their products from the people who have converged. This can act as a better tool to market their products, in that the organization reaches to the people or other interested entities directly, as opposed to marketing through advertisements (Raj,Walters& Tahir, 2008). The application of events as a marketing tool is not only beneficial to the organization in terms of marketing their products, but also through getting direct and immediate feedback from the participants, as opposed to marketing through adver...

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