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Ethical Dilemma Paper

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Ethical Dilemma Paper




I need the writer who really has the nursing experience to write this essay, otherwise they do not know how to write it, and this is my second time to order the same assignment. The last writer who did the not the good job, and this time, the assignment is worth 20% for my total, it is very important for me, please get the good writer for me, thank you so much. 

Dear writer: Please Follow the rubric carefully, thank you 

I am a nursing student, so the assignment has to relate to nursing filed. 

All references should be Scholarly papers, at least 4 CNO standard- 

“code of ethics” references and book. My teacher will check it.

This assignment is also has to related to CNO standard. Please google CNO standard online. 

Link: http://www.cno.org/Global/docs/prac/41034_Ethics.pdf?epslanguage=en

I sent to you sample for this assignment, you can read them; they can give you some ideas. And please have to use the following definitions in this assignment: 

1. Causing harm to patients in the form of pain and suffering from continuing treatment is a source of moral distress for nurses that they often believe could be avoided. “Moral distress arises in situations where nurses know or believe they know the right thing to do, but for various reasons (including fear or circumstances beyond their control), do not or cannot take the right action to prevent a particular harm” (CNA, 2008, P, 6).

2 An ethical dilemma is a conflict between two sets of human values, both of which are judged to be “good” but neither of which can be fully served. Ethical dilemma can cause distress and confusion for patients and caregivers. 

3. The CNA (2008) Code of Ethics identified the responsibility of nurses to maintain their “fitness to practice” as having the “necessary physical, mental or emotional capacity to practice safely and competently” (p. 18) 

Reference: all definitions from:

Perry, A., Potter, P. (2010). Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing Revised Fourth Edition. Toronto: Elsevier Canada.

I have to sent the assignment through Safe Assignment which is a software, they will know if I copy from other people’s, please be careful. Tank you. 

To the new writer: 

I have a good sample for this assignment, please use this one:

Last term, i had placement in the long term care, In the morning, I finished a morning care for my client, and I did assessment for my client, I did temperatures, pulse, blood pressure,… and I find the client‘s blood pressure is high, (writer have to search the number on line for blood pressure), and I report it to nurse. The nurse said she will give medication to her, and then I went to break, after I came back, when I made the bed I find the 2 white pills on the client’s bed. Then I check the client’s blood pressure again, which is still high, I ask the nurse if the client take medication for blood pressure. The nurse said yes, and she informed her colleagues that she was sure the patient would take his medication………

I don’t know if these 2 pills is for blood pressure, these may for last night, I don’t know. But if the nurse did not see the client taking…

she had dispensed medication to one of the patients without physically confirming that the patient had taken the medication. When cautioned about it by her colleagues, she informed them that she was sure the patient would take his medication even if she did not see him taking; this was a deliberate action

as a nursing student, I can not questioning an experiences register nurse, I don’t know what should I do……… 

I felt moral distress……..

And writer need to combine this story smoothly and more detail, this is a roughly one.


Ethical Dilemma Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Ethical Dilemma Ethics entails doing what is good and not causing any harm. Nursing professionals time and again find themselves in situations that are ethically questionable and which contradict their professional and personal morals. When a nurse encounters an ethical dilemma in a situation where she cannot do what she considers the right thing, she experiences moral distress (Ganz, Wagner & Toren, 2015). This paper provides a reflection of one experience in my nursing practice which caused me to experience a moral dilemma. What the implications and/or consequences for the client were are described. Furthermore, this paper describes how the situation conflicted with my personal or professional beliefs and values and how I dealt with the situation at the time. Description of the Circumstances The case which I experienced while in nursing practice entailed ethical decision-making on a client who presented at the hospital with Multiple Sclerosis condition who declined to consume the diet as ordered by the doctor. Nurses should therefore be in full awareness of the patients cultural and religious beliefs that may come in conflict with their beliefs and that may have a negative impact on both the parties involved. It is essential to determine the fact that in any nurse-patient encounter, the element of therapeutic relation remains an essential factor; however, this relationship may be pressured due to an ...

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