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Essay about the Perot Museum in Dallas Tx.

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Essay about the Perot Museum in Dallas Tx.


During your museum visit, choose two very different works of art by two different artists, which are of particular interest to you. As you observe the two works carefully, take notes concerning their likenesses and differences. This paper is the comparison and contrasting of two works of art that you have chosen, using the notes that you took at the museum, vocabulary from this course, and at least 4 outside sources. In this Article, you will see why viewing art in person is a very different aspect then viewing it on your computer or in a book. 1 / 2 Jacobs, T. (2014, June 9). Study: Art Museums Foster Appreciation for Ambiguity. Pacific Standard. Retrieved June 18, 2014, from http://www.psmag.com/navigation/books-and-culture/art-museums-fosterappreciation-ambiguity-82868/ Guidelines for Paper 3 typed pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12pt font. In the four written pages you will provide a bio, explain the concepts behind the work, and how the visuals present in the work illustrate those concepts, with a comparison and contrast between the two art works. A thesis statement, 4 sources, images, grammar, layout, and conclusion will all be taken into account when grading. Also in the PDF, you will include 1 page of images. This page is in addition to the 4 pages of text, will have two images from the art works that you saw, and be properly labeled.


THE PEROT MUSEUM Name Institutional Affiliation Thesis: Context has a significant effect on the experience of art. Viewing artwork in a museum is a different experience from viewing it on a book, magazine or digital media. The Perot Museum displays various works of art and science aimed at inspiring the minds of innovative visitors and life-long learners. Some of the artwork includes Animals inside out by Dr. Gunther von Hagens and the Plastiki designed by Andrew Dovell. The intentions of the creator of Animals Inside Out are unclear. This display was quite morbid. Animals Inside Out was a display of skinned and sliced animals with most of their internal body organs missing. The view was mostly unsettling but hard to ignore. The giraffe for instance was posed around 10 to 11 feet above the normal adult’s height. It was skinned and somehow the artist mana


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