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Energy and Environment Policy Proposals

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Energy and Environment Policy Proposals



I need a draft within 48 hours to see the quality of the essay. Please FOLLOW the instructions below and the writer MUST BE EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGABLE in Canadian Environmental/Climate Policy and Politics. If the writer is not sure about anything feel free to message me directly.

- The citation style should be IEEE.

The task is to compare and contrast the energy and environment policy proposals of two of the four major political parties (Conservatives, Liberals, NDP or Green). You should explain which you believe to be the better policy package and why. There should be a table with bullet points which will describe/contrast the policies taken by each government. Then you have to say which party is better and provide details that based on what criteria you chose that party. 

Expectations: You should

- Clearly (and fairly) describe what you consider to be the energy and environment policies of two major parties.

- Clarify the criteria by which you will be assessing them (i.e. what is ‘good’ policy).

- Assess strengths and weaknesses of these positions, and identify which you consider to be better, based on that criteria.

- Cite primary sources (party platforms, statements by party leaders).

- Cite secondary sources (assessments / analyses of positions by others), demonstrating an ability to determine what constitutes a good secondary source (e.g. on-line comment boards generally don’t provide the most thoughtful critiques).

Useful places to begin:

The websites of the political parties.

Statements by leaders during debates (e.g. the debates hosted by Macleans Magazine and The Globe and Mail).

Media commentary (e.g. Globe and Mail, Macleans Magazine, Toronto Star, National Observer).

Think tanks (e.g. C.D. Howe Institute, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).

Environmental groups and industry associations.


Comparing and contrasting energy and environment policy proposals of Liberal and NDP political parties Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Comparing and contrasting energy and environment policy proposals of Liberal and NDP political parties Energy and environment are significant issues in Canada today and political leaders are keen not to overlook these issues considering the coming elections. In this paper, the energy and environment policy proposals of two of the 4 main political parties in Canada are compared and contrasted. The 2 identified political parties are the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party (NDP). NDP Policy ProposalThe Liberals Policy Proposal1Establish a cap-and-trade system with a market price on the emissions of carbon.Put a price on carbon pollution which would allow every province across Canada to design its own policies on carbon pricing2Redirect 1 billion Canadian dollars annually from subsidies of fossil fuel to investment in the sector of clean energy Collaborate with territories and provinces throughout Canada to formulate targets on countrywide emissions-reduction 3Work with provinces across Canada to establish a new fund to assist the people of Canada retrofit their offices and homes to save money as well as energy. Develop a cap and trade system and auction the emission credits and redistribute the proceeds regionally. 4Restore monetary inducements for renewable energy, including biomass, geo...

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