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Emergency Management: Assessment of Disaster Recovery

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 Emergency Management: Assessment of Disaster Recovery


Prepare a 4 page paper focusing on an emergency management issue or function, such as alert and warning systems or evacuation systems, or on a specific hazard or disaster, such as landslides, tornado or a major hurricane. 
Survey the literature (library, course materials and Internet) assess the state of knowledge about the issue, function, hazard, or disaster provide an analysis that identifies information needs, lessons learned, and/or other concerns for emergency managers, policymakers, and communities at risk.
As you formulate your responses, ensure that you address the following:
• Administrative issues associated with the assessment of disaster recovery
• An examination of the role of emergency managers and administrators concerning legal issues in emergency management
• Analysis of the use of technology in emergency management
• Skillsets that contribute to the profession of emergency managers.


Emergency Management Name: Institutional Affiliation: Professor: Course: Date Introduction It is vital to ascertain that major emergencies fail to have respect over the regional or national borders since they occur at inconvenient moments. The levels of human suffering involved when these tragic events occur is immeasurable since different aspects of people’s lives affected such as their security, housing, health, wealth, and their access to basic needs such as food and water. This determines the essence of having an emergency plan developed with the aim of lessening the effects of these emergencies on the lives of people through a coordinated response that may be launched effectively (Graham, Thompson, Wolcott, Pollack, & Tran, 2015). The goal of an emergency management plan is to save lives and minimize the element of suffering. This paper seeks to focus on emergency management issues and functions with the aim of providing an analysis that identifies different information needs and lessons that can be learned by the emergency managers, communities at risk and policy makers. Emergency Management In as much as there are numerous emergencies that are considered to be unpredictable, a great number of them can be prevented with the aim of mitigating their effects including the strengthening of the response capacity of the community at risk. Individuals who work towards ensuring that emergenc


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