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Egyptian Kingdom vs. Hittite Empire

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Egyptian Kingdom vs. Hittite Empire


Research Projects Guidelines


This project is intended to offer you a substantive experience in multi level topical research. Activities will involve:

Choosing a topic from the options list below, or suggesting an alternative

Conducting both online and library based research

Generating essay elements as a result of your research.

Topic Options

A. Topic Options

(History) Research the Battle of Kadesh c. 1274 BCE. Egyptian Kingdom vs. Hittite Empire. Considered the first recorded battle in history. Text Reference: page 17

B. Research Component

Read Text Reference section

Conduct additional research online [Google, Wikipedia, or any site you choose]

The following are guidelines that will help you evaluate websites. Review all five and choose one or two that will help you find trustworthy websites. Evaluating the reliability of a website is the goal of this part. Reliability factors will include: Accuracy; Timeliness; and Motivation

Support your web based examination with library based research. You may use the TNCC Library which is fully equipped to help you with academic research. Or, you may use the Hampton City Library or a city or country library nearest your home location. Library research is a required part of the project assignment. On your Works Cited page you will list the books you examined and the name of the library where you found them.

C. Use Research Information to Craft

Title Page


Essay [800-1000] words

Works Cited Page [minimum of six cited sources-combination of websites and library based texts and/or journals]

The assignment will utilize both online and library research techniques.

The results of your research will be documented as follows:

1. You will generate an essay abstract, and a comprehensive works cited page in the Modern Language Association [MLA] format. 

2. You will write the essay [800-1000 words]. 


Name Instructor Course Date Battle of Kadesh History has served us with a cocktail of battles; great, cruel, unprecedented, or cruel. These battles have been lessons throughout the generations, as they proved pivotal in one way or another. Just in some way, things were never the same again after the war. Wars between kingdoms were a way in which they received fame and popularity. In ancient kingdoms, kings believed that when they won battles, they established strong grounds to continue reigning. Mostly they battled to expand their territories, or reclaim those they had lost in earlier battles. The likes of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, fought famous battles with their arch enemies, the Chi Empire and the Persians respectively, for the purposes of territorial expansion and pride too. Others like the Greek city states fought for their freedom, while the Ottoman Turks were mainly driven by religion .This paper is going to look at the Battle of Kadesh, its cau


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