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Efforts by Zurich to Manage Customer Experience

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Efforts by Zurich to Manage Customer Experience


Here are some articles to bring you up to speed with the concepts of Customer Experience Management and the Customer-centric organization:

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Two related customer service management concepts to arise in the not too distant past include Customer Relationship Management, which focuses on forming relationships with customers in hope of forming a relationship bond to enhance future sales, and Customer Experience Management, which focuses more on the actual experience of the customer with an intent to optimize this experience. Here is an article worth reading that speaks about these two concepts, how they are related, how they are different, and provides other concepts and discussion.

Palmer, A. (2010). Customer experience management: A critical review of an emerging idea. The Journal of Services Marketing, 24(3), 196-208. Retrieved from Trident University Library.


Efforts by Zurich to Manage Customer Experience Name Student Affiliation Efforts by Zurich to Manage Customer Experience Introduction The interaction between an organization and a customer is what produces customer experience. The concept is based upon the attraction of the customer towards the company and its services, the customer’s awareness on the company’s activities, and how much they would advocate for and also use a certain service offered within the company. Customer experience differs with the level at which a company either collaborates or relates with the customers. The Zurich financial services group has evidently made an effort to grow by focusing on the customers’’ needs and wants with respect to what satisfies them (Rouse, 2015). The Zurich financial services group has put extra effort in this regard. The paper will analyze what efforts the service group has put forth and their results. Market Research In an effort to increase awareness and at the same time familiarize to the expectation


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