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Effective Communication Skills

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Effective Communication Skills


Dear Writer

To write this essay, you must write it from a nurse point of view.

I`m only uploading a similar video to the one i will be handing with the essay.

The original video will be me as student nurse interviewing my sister an employment consultant on the "importance of effective communication skills" at her workplace

sample video


My sister and i will be conducting an interview like, her as an employment consultant and me as a student nurse

I have also uploaded a template of the essay.

please use in-text reference

use only current(2008 to onward) evidence based practice and research.

please follow the assignment details page to guide you

follow part A

Please write this reflective as a nursing student.

below are are some references for books and journals

-please use those books and journal to assist in writing this essay 

Hazelwood, Z., & Shakespeare-Finch, J. (2010). I’m listening: Communication for health professionals. Brisbane, Australia: Inn Press. 

Hazelwood, Z.J., (2012). Attachment insecurities and relationship self-regulation. In P. Noller & G. Karantzas (Eds.). The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of couples and family relationships (p. 223-233). New York, USA: Wiley.

Murray, A.J., & Hazelwood, Z.J. (2011). Being grateful: Does it bring us closer? Gratitude, attachment and intimacy in romantic relationships. Journal of Relationships Research, 2, 17-25. Doi: 10.1375/jrr.2.1.17


Effective Communication Skills Introduction Nursing within the health care science remains an essential element in serving the needs of humanity as a spiritual and a biopsychosocial being. This practice, therefore, requires both the scientific knowledge and the interpersonal, technical, and intellectual abilities and skills (Attard, McArthur, Riitano, Aromataris, Bollen, & Pearson, 2015). This, therefore, translate into the fact that as a nurse, I need a composition of in-depth knowledge that is weaved between clinical work and braced with interpersonal communication in order to meet the needs of this field. Effective Communication Skills To meet the requirements of the nursing sector, I carried out an interview with my sister who works for Tursa Employment Services. She has been working with the company for eight years. Irene works as an employment advisor dealing with the employers and customers in finding the right labour force. Irene critically determined that fact that an effective communication is essential since it initiates dialogue through an interpersonal environment with a specified skill in verbal communication (Attard, et.al). Effective communication skills at the work place according to her, remains a significant factor in nursing with the capacity to contribute to the successful development of a workplace relationship that promotes a respectful and appropriate professional client care and relationship. Irene’s views...

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