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Ecological Services: Animals, Plants, and Human Beings

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Ecological Services: Animals, Plants, and Human Beings


In a 2-3 page paper, using APA-style formatting, define and discuss the concept of ecological services. Then, review the “Ecological Services of Rivers” outlined in Mini Lecture: Water Resources and Water Pollution. From the list, identify two services you believe are the most important and cite at least 3 reasons why.  Also, choose two services that you think are most likely to decline due to human influence and cite at least 3 examples of the result of decline of those services.


Ecological Services Name Institutional Affiliation Ecological Services Ecological services allude to the benefits that healthy ecosystems present in the environment, including the animals, plants, and human beings. The processes involved are naturally occurring and comprise aspects such as air purification, water purification and management, plant pollin


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