Aug 11, 2017

Dynamics between Communities and Individuals

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Dynamics between Communities and Individuals

Bringing a theme from three novels; Beloved by Tony Morrison, Go Tell it On the Mountain by James Baldwin, and Light in August by William Faulkner. Assignment: Bringing elements of these three novel together with an argument thesis : You cant join a community if you don`t have individualities.. For example; Beloved: Denver; until Denver suddenly decide to take actions to become a person that she is able to go into the society because she has something she has to do,, once she break her attachment to her family she becomes able to enter the society. John Grimes: still tied up to make his father to accept him, once he decide to become himself he becomes able to enter to society Joe doesn`t know what he is and he cant be part of the community until he knows himself but he will never know what he is so he never join the community MAIN POINT; dynamic between community and the individuals, how these reinforce themselves. Senarios of these novels in a comparison way and find distinctions between them
Dynamics between Communities and IndividualsNameInstitutionCourseDateAbstractIt is often said that the family is a seed of the society. As such, the family should act as a nursery where the characters in the society are bred. The society is the larger body that is build up by the individuals. Therefore, for an individual to interact freely with the society, he first has to be well defined. Otherwise he cannot fit in the society. The essay below uses works of literature to bring out this argument.Dynamics between Communities and IndividualsIt is well known and fully accepted that writers of literary work are society members. They live within the community and are well versed with the issues affecting the community at large. Due to their innovativeness, they often write about issues that are pertinent in the society. These issues can either be complex or simple. This does not really matter, as the fact remains that they often tell the story of the society at the time they lived. This argument is asserted by various literary works, which show that works written within a give time period are greatly affected by the dynamics of the society at the time. This essay looks at the issue of the society and how it is perceived by many. It seeks to assert the fact that for individuals to fit into a society, they have to be well defined. Only after developing their individualism ca they integrate with the society since they can fit in a particular group. In seeking to prove this observation, the essay will allude to three novels documenting the lives of people who lived after the slavery period. Through analysis of the novels and the comparisons drawn, the thesis of the essay will be proven beyond any doubt.In “Beloved”, Morrison (1987) tells about the life of Denver, the daughter of Sethe, though the story was inspired from a real life experience. Through the story, the reader gets to understand that Sethe was a slave who happened to escape from her slavery and crossed to another state. However, the regulations at the moment allowed the former masters to pursue their ...

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