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Does each article provide statistical information to demonstrate the gravity of the issue, problem, or deficit?

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Compassion Fatigue


I would like to do the PICOT with burnout or compassion fatigue.

I just need the PICOT part. Developing a PICO. 

Develop a searchable question using the PICOT format. (The question is a single statement identifying the components of PICOT.)

Refer to "Developing a Question" and "Topic 1: Checklist."

2 NRS 441v.11R.Module1_Checklist.doc 3 NRS 441v.v10.0RDeveloping a Question.docx

NRS-441V: Capstone Project

Developing a Question

Recall the components of PICOT from your research course:

(P) Population of Focus

(I) Intervention 

(C) Comparison

(O) Outcome

(T) Time

Identify each of the components in relation to your topic.

P –

I –

C –

O –

Then, develop a PICO question/statement.

Examples of PICO questions/statements:

In adult cardiac surgery patients experiencing post-operative pain (P) immediately following surgery (P), is morphine (I) or fentanyl (C), administered intravenously, more effective in reducing postoperative pain (O)?

For immune-compromised patients, 50 years and older (P), does the use of pneumonia vaccine (I) reduce the future risk of pneumonia (O) compared with patients who have not received the vaccine (C)?

Topic 1: Checklist

Identifying a Problem, Developing a Question, and Selecting Sources of Literature


This checklist is designed to help students organize the weekly exercises/assignments to be completed as preparation for the final, capstone project proposal. This checklist will also serve as a communication tool between students and faculty. Comments, feedback and grading for modules 1-4 will be documented using this checklist.

Topic Task Completed Comments/Feedback Points 

Identifying a


• Explains setting and/or context in which nursing problem is observed. _____ / 10

• Detailed description of problem, issue, or educational deficit provided. _____ / 10

• Impact of problem on work environment and patient outcomes described. 

_____ / 5

• Significance to nursing profession discussed. _____ / 5

• Solution to the problem identified. _____ / 10

Total _____ / 40

Developing a Question • Identified components of PICOT:

P – Population of Focus

I - Intervention

C - Comparison

O - Outcome

T-Time _____ / 30

• Developed PICO question/statement.

_____ / 10

• Total _____ / 40

Selecting Sources of Literature • Rapid Appraisal Performed (see below) on a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles. _____ / 100

• Total _____ / 100

Rapid Appraisal

Perform a rapid appraisal of each article by answering the following questions (one to two sentences are sufficient to answer each question):

1) How does each article describe the nature of the problem, issue, or deficit you have identified?

2) Does each article provide statistical information to demonstrate the gravity of the issue, problem, or deficit? 

3) Example(s): morbidity, mortality, rate of incidence or rate of occurrence in the general population. 

4) Does each article support your proposed change?


Compassion Fatigue Name: Institution: Compassion Fatigue Identifying each of the components of compassion fatigue.• Population - Oncology nurses • Intervention - Treatment for compassion fatigue • Comparison - Nurses treated for compassion fatigue versus nurses not treated for compassion fatigue •Outcome –improved patient satisfaction by nurses


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