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Do You Use Sufficient Examples from the Play in Each Paragraph to Support Your Thesis?

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Is the title of the play in proper format (italicized or underlined) whenever used?

1.Does the paper have an original title? Is it 12 pt font size and free of bold face typing, italics,underlining (except title of play if used), etc?

2.Is the title of the play in proper format (italicized or underlined) whenever used?

3.Do you give the title of the play AND the full name of the author in the thesis? Make sure the thesis is only one sentence, and it is the last sentence of the intro paragraph.

4.Does each quotation (direct or indirect) have a citation?

5.Do you use the last name of the author and the number in each citation for the play?

6.If you are using Oedipus, be sure to use the line number in the citation (not page number) and use a slash mark to indicate the line breaks. For example:

Oedipus asks, “My children, latest generation born from Cadmus, / why are you sitting here

with wreathed sticks / in supplication to me, while the city / fills with incense, chants and cries of

pain?” (Sophocles 1-4).

7.If you are using Salesman, you should use last name and page number: (Miller 1242).

8.Does the end of the quotation and citation look like the examples below (note the placement of  the closing quotation mark and closing punctuation) last word” (Miller 1242). Or Miller’s last word” (1242).

9.Are there any quotations that are not connected to you own words, either through a signal  phrase, introduction or as a part of the sentence structure? (stand alone quotes) – Answer should  be NO

10Do any sentences begin and end strictly as quotations, without your own words being tied in any way? (stand alone quotes) Answer should be NO

11.Do you use sufficient examples from the play in each paragraph to support your thesis?

12.Does each paragraph have a minimum of 5 sentences in order to make a substantial paragraph?

13.Is your paper free of the 1st and 2nd person pronouns I, You, Your, Me

14.Do you follow MLA format: *1-inch margins, *Header in upper right corner, *Double spaced from beginning to end, *12 pt font size, *Times New Roman font style, *Personal info  in correct order (your Name, My name, Class, Date), double-spaced and on left side, *Title of  paper centered, *Each paragraph indented, *Title Works Cited on the Works Cited page  (centered), *Hanging indent for 2nd/3rd  lines of citation on Works Cited pg

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