Jul 14, 2017

Do you believe that the nation building efforts in Iraq were a success or a failure?

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Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of State


This should not be more than 750 words 

Essay Prompt: 

Do you believe that the nation building efforts in Iraq were a success or a failure? And by extension, do you support nation building as a foreign policy initiative? Why/why not? Use the situation in Iraq as your key support.

- Begin your briefing with the address: Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of State.

- Support your position with evidence: you must cite from at least FOUR of the six assigned and selected readings, INCLUDING at least one point of view that differs from your own (Refutation). Cite each quote/paraphrase in MLA format.

- Your essay should include at least FIVE paragraphs: introduction, at least THREE body paragraphs, and conclusion.

The thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction, and should be underlined.

- Include a works cited.

*Remember, your essay must be focused, must have clear and relevant details, must be well researched (with good, credible sources and accurate documentation), and must be well presented and persuasive. Your argument must also contain a refutation.

Provide a clear thesis statement that responds to the prompt. 

Provide topic sentences for each body paragraph that support the thesis (Note: these topic sentences are your main reasons)

Include an opposing argument point (remember to develop a rebuttal for this point in your essay)

Include supporting evidence under each topic sentence (in the form of a quotation, paraphrase, or summary that you plan to use to support the point you are making). Be sure to cite from at least FOUR of the assigned sources. (See Purdue University`s Online Writing Lab handout on Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing if you need help.)

Include MLA-formatted in-text citations for each quote/paraphrase. 

Please make high lights and/or underline 

-the thesis statement

-main ideas

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Thank you,


Name: Instructor: Institution: Argument. Dear Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of State. It has been with a mixture of joy and confusion for everyone, both critic and supporter, when analyzing the concept and very novel idea of nation building. This has been particularly more scrutinized when it comes to nation building exercises that involve the United States. But before venturing into the deep swirling currents of this issue, a clear understanding and definition of nation building is important. Nation building is the process of restoring a nation after a period in which it has gone through tribulations such as violence or total war. Most of these countries usually suffer under the heavy burden of broken infrastructure, dilapidated social amenities, lack of employment, an instabl


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