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Do the two sacred books tell the same story of Adam and Eve?

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Comparison of the story of Adam and Eve


our essay must be typed in Times New Romans with 12” fonts. Double Spaced. With standard margins.

You must cite your essay. Your sources must be from scholarly work (articles and books). Do not use internet sources or websites.

The essay must have a title.

The essay must answer the question (s).

It must be free of grammatical errors with clear introduction, argument (theses) and a conclusion.

The essay must be no less than 4-5 pages, 1000-1250 words.

(The essay should address the similarities and differences of the two stories in the two sacred books,Do the two sacred books tell the same story of Adam and Eve? What does each book tell us about the two couple? What do they tell us about the sin of the couple? Where does the original sin come from? Which of the two sacred books mention that Adam and Eve were the first human couple?

Make sure your essay has an introduction and a conclusion.)

only use the bible and Quran as sources.


Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Comparison of the story of Adam and Eve Abstract Many people have had a skewed thought that the Bible and the Quran are so different they do not contain any similar story. Contrary to this, the Bible and the Quran have many similar stories although they are told in somehow different fashions. One of these similar stories is the story of the couple in the Garden of Eden. This is a similar story in both the bible and the Quran. However it has its differences here and there. This paper analyses this story of the couple (Adam and Eve) in the Garden of Eden in the view of the similarities and the differences. Similarities Both the Bible and the Quran contain the story of the couple in the Garden of Eden. In both of the stories, Adam is portrayed as the first man on earth. This gives a similar view in the origin of human beings because, in the focus of this, all people originated from this first man. Therefore, both stories recognize God as the creator of people and Adam as the first man to be created. Kaltner (2009) note that; both the Bible and the Quran recognize that the first couple were first placed in the Garden of Eden where they lived eating the fruits that were available in plenty. They both recognize the essence of the couple eating the forbidden fruit. Both of these religious books have record of the couple eating a fruit from a tree which they had been forbidden


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