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Do it for full mark assignment.

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are not safer than cars

transport industry today enjoys a variety of options that people can choose
from. The choice by any person is usually based on some factors such as speed,
comfort, convenience or the luggage that one is carrying. The most common means
of transport today are cars, planes and to some extend railway. The latter is
however mostly used in a few countries in the world so cannot be considered

car travel has been labeled unsafe and cars have been called killer machines
according to statistics, it is important that we look at those statistics from
various angles and analyze the different factors that come into play when
transport safety comes into play. Critically looking at the statistics, the
number of planes in the global field is far much lower than that of cars. What
this means is that the statistics are incorrect in that there should be level
entries of both cars and planes for a fair comparison. May be if we had the
same number of planes as cars, the statistics would be the same. Another thing
that appears faulty about the statistics is that the number of deaths due to
air accidents is lower than that due to road accidents. This might be true but
it is the number of deaths per accident that raises the question. Car accidents
might be more but one single plane crash is enough to cause as many deaths as
ten times those due to road crash (Bartholomew, John Jonathan & McCormick
113). The recent incidences of plane crashes and plane disappearances as was the
case with the MH370 Malaysian plane add a lot of significance to the above
point as a lot of lives were lost on single accidents leaving the families of
those people onboard suffering.

factor that indicates the bias in the two sectors is the training and skill
development and mastery courses that the key people in these sectors undergo.
It is notable that the aviation sector is one of the best funded sectors in our
country. Pilot training and facilitation I top notch and their salary packages
are hefty. This is one of the reasons that they are very keen on their piloting
work hence the perceived misconception about air safety. On the contrary,
driving schools and training institutes in the country are in very poor
financial states. The curriculum is very outdated and cannot address the
current road status. The drivers are semi trained and released to the roads.
Licenses are given not by merit but by the fact that one has paid. This kind of incompetence I a major cause of
accidents (Bliemer, Michiel& John 67). In most cases, the drivers are paid
poorly which demotivates them. Demotivation also goes a long way in determining
the level of concentration in what one does. Therefore, it would be prudent to
say that the safety of roads can be improved if the government puts in place
proper training structures and avails enough funds to the driving institutions
and schools. This will help in bringing the rates of road accidents to match
those of airplanes. By so doing it will be to the convenience of the masses who
depend on road transport as their sole means due to its cheapness.

one can criticize and label road transport unsafe, it would be good that he
considers the number of users that it serves. While air transport may be
perceived as safe, it wouldn’t pass for the numbers of commuters that depend on
road transport. It would be a disaster to adopt air transport as the main means
of transport because it would mean that over 90% will not have access to their
work places. The long procedures that go with the aviation sector is another
hiccup that would be very harming to the transport sector and eventually to the
economy of the country. Increasing the number of planes to the limited space is
unimaginable and impossible too as it would be a recipe for disaster and more
severe accidents clear (Li, Jun, Granados &Netessine 2125).

road safety and Air transport is biased. If we look at the kind of technology
and research that goes into the manufacturing of airplanes, it would be an
underestimate to say that the road sector is pathetic (Fre?de?ric Holzmann (2008).
The state of the art security and safety technology that is in cooperated in
the planes make it very hard for them to cause accidents (Garrow 45).Multiple
engines for instance make the plane fly normally in the event one of the fails.
System failure alert systems made to notify pilots of potential accidents are
also installed. This is something unheard of in the road sector. Vehicle
manufacturers concentrate on the basic systems and have ignored the safety
measures needed. Research is concentrated on improving the speed of the vehicle
rather than safety. System failure goes unnoticed until the vehicle causes an
accident. Improving on the safety standards will help the sector grow
positively and safe the lives of the very many road users

air transport may seem as the better option in the choice of transport means,
it is evident that I cannot cope with the massive numbers of commuters and
their varied destinations. Adoption of this kind of transport would mean a
massive overhaul of the infrastructure which is not possible. This calls for
the improvement of what we already have, the road transport. Working on
improving the sector by minimizing the faults and doing more research on
important technology to employ will put the sector in a position that can outdo
air transport in terms of safety. The safety of road transport can be improved
and should be improved to take care of the masses. Quoting statistics will not
help in solving the crisis as air travel is way too out of reach by most


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