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Diversity Issues in the Natural Sciences and the Military

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Diversity Issues in the Natural Sciences and the Military


Essay 3: Diversity Issues in the Natural Sciences and the Military

Message history (#00038216) contains the outline to base this essay of off. 

Essay 3 DUE in Module 6, should be 1500 to 2000 words in length (not including title page and reference page). The paper must contain in-text citations and references in APA style. Papers submitted without in-text citations and a reference page will not be accepted.

In Essay 3 you will compare and contrast the experiences that diverse groups encounter in two different settings: the military and the natural science professions (STEM). Please be sure to review the learning materials for this module before beginning to address this assignment.

Here are your instructions for this M5A1 assignment that will form the foundation of your Essay 3 (due in Module 6):

•Select one group, either minorities—such as African Americans, Latinos—OR women..

•Create a research topic/question that will allow you to compare and contrast the treatment, prejudices faced, and challenges encountered in the organizations experienced by your group, both in the military and in the STEM fields.

•For example:

•My group: Select from the list above.

•Research topic/question: “(The group you wish to consider) that enter the army or try to enter the STEM fields often confront prejudices and stereotyping that limits their ability to succeed. This forces them to leave the army and the STEM fields at an unacceptable rate.”.

•Create a short (2+ pages) outline for this topic/research question detailing how you will examine these two institutions’ approach your group. Be objective; use facts and data from your research. Cover one and then the other, then compare and contrast the facts you have located. How are the two institutions’ approaches to or treatment of your group alike, and how are they dissimilar?.

•Show the unequal treatment of your group by both institutions. Ex.: (Your chosen group makes up 50% of the U.S.. population, but only 10% of those with terminal STEM degrees and only 20% of officers in the army. (Johnson, 2013)).

•Discuss how the covert or overt policies (that limit the participation of women and minorities) can ultimately be detrimental to the whole country..

•List two academic resources you will be using, one for each perspective. Give complete APA style references for each..


Prejudice against African Americans in the U.S military and STEM fields Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Abstract In focusing on the topic of discussion, the scope will look at the challenges that women of colour face when they seek to enter the fields of sicence and the milliatry. Although the stereotype in modern day world is less as compared to yester years, it is still in existence. Although the prejudice against white women is less, they still find themselves trapped by policy limiations that do not allow them to actively partcipate in milliatry and STEM fields. Introduction Whether by default or common practice, the society is largely chauvinistic. The position of a woman is supposed to be second after the man. Women have continually played the second fiddle to their male counterparts. This is because they are considered as lesser as humans who ‘do not have what it takes’. The chauvinistic approach looks at men from their muscular point of view and thus looking at women as weaker (Seagal &Seagal, 2014). This approach also takes men to be smarter in terms of intelligence as compared to their female counterparts. The focus of this paper is the general treatment of women in both the military and fields of science. Among the issues of discussion include challenges and prejudices against women in the two fields. In the wake of liberation of women and ensuring that no gender is discriminated against, it is highly unfair that women who are in th...

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