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Diversity in the US Military Lindquist`s Research

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Diversity in the US Military Lindquist`s Research


This discussion is going to provide an opportunity for you to engage with sociological research as you consider the military’s impact on forwarding ethnic and gender equality. Many of these changes have been most noticeable in post-war societies. The people who join the military and then leave when the conflict ends carry with them the new ideas and perceptions they gained as they interacted with a diverse group of enlisted Americans. 

Some films have set out to portray some of the experiences of African-American soldiers, namely Men of Honor and Red Wings. In this week’s activities you were asked to view the documentary, The Other Battle [Video File] [28 min 22 sec], which recounts the important contributions made by African Americans in times of military conflict and the prejudices they have faced as they served their country in combat. You will also view Women Warriors [Video File] [24 min 03 sec] (2003), which details the experiences of women officer candidates at West Point. Please be sure to view both films and read the article, Ethnic and Gender Satisfaction in the Military: The Effect of a Meritocratic Institution by Jennifer Hickes Lundquist (2008) before making your initial post. 

Consider the idea posited by some authors which suggests that the military actually paved the way for the country to move toward racial and gender equality after WWII. You will need to conduct some additional research into historical events extending equal rights to women and African Americans to evaluate whether this point of view has merit. 

Prepare for your initial response to this discussion by reading the article and viewing the videos posted in this module.

•How has the military contributed to race and gender equality? 

•How does Lunquist’s research into Ethnic and Gender Satisfaction in the Military suggest the military is doing in relation to embracing diversity and building a culture of respect and inclusion?

You will need to find at least two additional resources, beyond what is in the module, to support your ideas and observations in your initial post of 250+ words. As always, use APA style for in-text citations and give complete APA style references for your sources cited.

POSTING REQUIREMENTS: In your initial post (250+ words), you are to respond to the question but support your thoughts by including at least two references from academic sources that you have researched on this topic in the Excelsior Library and use appropriate citations in APA style. You can agree or disagree, but you need to explain and support your views with outside sources. This primary response needs to be posted by 11:59 PM on Wednesday. 


Diversity in the U.S Military Name University Affiliation Diversity in the U.S Military The military has had a major impact on the gender and racial equality. The wars in the world`s history lead to the change in the roles of women and minority groups. Through the mi


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