Jul 22, 2017

Disscussions about Ruthenium and Zinc

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Week 9: Disscussions about Ruthenium and Zinc


Please read, and tell what you like about the essays, what you learned, if you have any questions. Please keep them separate.

The name Ruthenium(Ru) originates from the Latin word for Russia which is where this element was discovered. Ruthenium was discovered by Karl Klaus in 1844 and is a transition metal because it is ductile, malleable, and able to conduct electricity and heat. Ruthenium is a hard, white metal, often prepared in powder form, which is found in North and South America as well as South Africa. 

Zinc is the 30th element on the periodic table and has an atomic mass of 65.38. It is a transition metal and has a solid, silver grayish appearance and belongs in group 12, period 4, block d. Its physical properties are it has a melting point at 419 C and a boiling point at 907 C. It can be found in abundance all over the world and makes up about 

Week 9Student’s NameInstitutional AffiliationWeek 9Discussion 1The essay is very informative on the properties and uses of Ruthenium. I like the explanations beginning with the discovery, why it is named Ruthenium and why it is an important metal to the scientific community. The essay also captures the chemical and physical properties of the mineral as well as the locations of mining. From reading the essay, I have learned that metallic properties such as color determine the use a particular mineral is put to. For example, the bright color, white, of Ruthen...

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