dispatching problems

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dispatching problems

One Tuesday morning, your supervisor, Mr. Walters, has assigned you to investigate the product quality issues at the Denver facility. He summarized what little he knows by saying:

"The Denver facility produces a wide variety of liquid chemical products. Raw materials arrive at the Denver facility by railroad tank car. Most shipments are made in single or multiple compartment semi-trailer tankers.

* Denver is having problems with delivered product quality
* Their production systems appear to be out of control at times.
* There are too many (non-Canbide) vehicles driving through the plant. It does not seem that those drivers are fully aware or observant of the proper safety measures to be followed in case of a plant emergency
* The Denver community relations office has been getting many complaints from neighborhood residents and from the local police station about trucks blocking the streets in front of the plant, awaiting clearance to enter the plant. The road blockages are usually short lived, but they consistently occur during the morning and late afternoon drive times
* Our automotive customers are insistent that the laboratory testing report on each SKU accompany each shipment. The Denver laboratory is reportedly very slow in producing those lab reports
* Trucks carrying noncompliant products have been released from the Denver facility, with a lab report that says the products are non-compliant
* The plant transportation operations group (dispatching and scheduling) does not know when trucks will arrive at the front gate
* About 20% of the trucks arrive with no advance notice and with no order on file, but with purchase order in hand
* Denver periodically runs out of certain products without warning
* The facility has requested funds to build a new truck scales, but the need has never been justifiable on a cost/benefit basis."

Please refer to the file, Denver Trip Notes, for details of your visit to the Denver facility.

Part 1:

Within your group on the Small Group Discussion Board, conduct a root cause analysis of the various issues that Mr. Walters presented. As you analyze these issues, you will recognize that they to some degree are all inter-related. Discuss how the performance of the various areas impacts one another. Identify and agree upon a reasonable solution(s) to address the problem(s) You will need to work together to come up with mutually agreeable and beneficial solutions.

Part 2:

Individually, draft a trip report for Mr. Walters of your group`s preliminary recommendations. Be sure to clearly identify the underlying (root)cause of the problems and provide a reasonable and acceptable solution. Since this report is going only to your boss, and not the plant manager, your explanations should be complete and to the point. If possible, you should identify who at the plant should be responsible for implementing the final solutions.

The trip report should include the following sections: Dispatching, Transportation and Scheduling; Quality Control Laboratory; Production Units and Operational Departments; Product Loading Facilities and Operations; Product Loading of Polyols.

2 pages

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