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Discussion Assignment on Vulnerability, Threat and Risk

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Discussion Assignment on Vulnerability, Threat and Risk


5 questions:
1. After reading the discussion and definitions of risk, threat, vulnerability, and asset by S. K. Katsikas in Computer and Information Security Handbook, Chapter 53, p. 905, in your own words describe risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Provide examples of each from your personal experience or from private industry or government. Do not divulge specific information that may identify or be harmful to the organization. 
2.What is a Zero Day Exploit? Describe the effects caused by one or more ZDEs that recently has been reported in news articles. Describe how ZDEs can be used to affect cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyber terrorism.
3.Compare the methods and effects of cybercrimes versus traditional crimes that can be directed at the same targets. For example, how does the crime of hacking a bank`s computer system compare to physically robbing a bank? How does punishment for cybercrime compare to that of traditional crime? How do you think they should compare (i.e., should cybercrime be punished the same, more severely or less severely than traditional crime)? You are encouraged to include real examples from the past year that you can share with your fellow students.
4.Many cybersecurity professionals believe the likely application of "cyber terrorism" to be an asymmetric attack against some portion of this nation’s critical infrastructure. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems support portions of our critical infrastructure. Which SCADA-controlled critical infrastructure do you think to be a likely target and why? Who should be responsible for protecting that infrastructure and why? Would this vary based on whom the attacker is—a state actor, a nongovernment organization, or an individual?
5.What are some difficulties policy-makers face (at the U.S. national level) to make policy that gets the desired results to counter cybercrime? Does the public demand seriously effective policy to counter cybercrime (think credit card fraud or ID theft)? In your view, do current legislative efforts address cybercrime concerns adequately?


Discussion on Vulnerability, Threat and Risk Name Institute of Affiliation Date Discussion on Vulnerability, Threat and Risk Question One A threat is something with the ability to exploit a vulnerability, intentionally or accidentally, and result to damage, or destruction of an asset. One ensures that their property is protected against the threats. They can be natural, for example earthquakes, human threats which are mostly unintentional and environmental ones, for instance, pollution. Vulnerability entails a weaknesses or gaps in a security program which can be destroyed by threats to gain unsanctioned access to an asset. Also, it involves limitation or gap in our protection efforts. An example is Susceptibility to physical or emotional inju


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