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Discuss the Difference Between the “Research Paper” and the “Visual Essay” on the Same Topic

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Discuss the Difference Between the “Research Paper” and the “Visual Essay” on the Same Topic


Keyword Essay
For your final exam you will be writing a keyword essay. Your job is to define each of the following terms and explain what you learned about these concepts during our work this semester. Each definition should include:
the formal definition of the term. You might find this in the dictionary, in an article I assigned, in your textbook, on a resource website like OWL Purdue, or in some other academic/scholarly source. (quote the sources directly and cite it using MLA format)
your own definition of the term. What does the term mean to you? How has your perception of the word changed as a result of this class? 
a description of your work with this term during the class. What did you learn about this keyword in this class?
I am looking for a THICK paragraph on each of these. Each bullet point should require around 3-7 sentences to explain-so that will be 9-21 sentences per keyword. I am looking for clear, concise, and correct writing. This essay will count for 300 points of your final grade. You’ll need to be sure you have it proofread and edited. I will deduct heavily for careless grammatical and mechanical mistakes. 
Ethos/Pathos/Logos Visual Rhetoric/Essay
Technology/New Media Primary Source (research)
Graphic Novel Parody/Pastiche/Meme
Ideology Works Cited
Manifesto Annotated Bibliography 
Discuss the difference between the “research paper” and the “visual essay” on the same topic. Talk about your experience creating the visual essay project and compare that experience to the process of researching and writing your research paper.


KEYWORD ESSAY Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Introduction A keyword essay helps an individual to identify what he or she is supposed to write about. It also tells you what kind of an argument your essay is all about. Keywords help an individual to understand what the essay is asking by defining what has to be answered Ethos/Pathos/Logos Visual Rhetoric/EssayVisual rhetoric is a mode of communication that uses images so as to create an argument. Its main aim is to find out your understanding of how it communicates its meaning. Writing a rhetorical analysis is a process of finding the language with which to communicate this knowledge (Gibaldi, 27). A rhetorical situation occurs when an author comes together, and the persuasive message is c


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