Jan 13, 2018

Discuss the article’s findings, any ethical dilemmas presented in the article, as well as how the specific topic relates to a biblical worldview.

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Must Be

Article Review

The focus of this course is on the management,
administration, and/or leadership aspects of criminal justice organizations. The
purpose of the Article Review assignment is to provide you with experience in the
identification, location, and analysis of scholarly-quality information
relating to the criminal justice field.

For your Article Review assignment, you will research and
select a peer-reviewed, scholarly-quality article from a quality web-based
resource. That article will discuss a criminal justice management,
administration, or leadership topic. You may address any general
administration, management, or leadership subtopic that you find generally
addressed in the Peak text. This leaves the selection of the general topic of
the article up to you. However, the major focus of that article must be on a
relevant justice management, administration, or leadership issue. As an example,
if you have an interest in the corrections area of the general criminal justice
field, you may focus your efforts on corrections. However, the article that you
review must be on a management related topic that is within the general scope
of the corrections field. Granting you the discretion to pick a specific
subject area to research is not an open invitation to write on any subject that
you just happen to like. Keep your focus for this assignment within the general
scope of the Administration of Justice Organizations course.

In your review:

the article’s findings, any ethical dilemmas presented in the article, as well
as how the specific topic relates to a biblical worldview.

that you include information on the article’s title, author, journal,
date/edition, and web location. Address how the administrative, management, or
leadership concepts and ideas presented in the article apply to justice
administration. In other words, you are telling why this particular article has
some merit to the study of criminal justice administration and how you are
making a biblical connection to the content of the article.

review paper must be 2–3 pages and be double-spaced.

both a working link that goes directly to the article’s web location and a
citation of the article.

article mustbe less than 5years old.

must include a brief discussion of 2 Bible verses that have a relevant
reference to the main theme of the article.

APA in the body of the review is the required format.

Your use of the Liberty University Online Student Library
Services or similar library research facilities will be relevant to your
successful completion of this assignment. It is highly unlikelythat you will
locate appropriate peer-reviewed journals or articles by only using a Google
type search.

The type of article that you are seeking is also known as a
peer-reviewed article, or a scholarly journal article. Here are some key
elements for you to look for to ensure that you have located an appropriate
article. Peer-reviewed articles are commonly written by experts in a particular
field, reviewed by the publications staff, reviewed by other experts in that
field, and printed in scholarly journals that focus on that particular field of
study. In meeting the requirements of this assignment, you are not looking for
articles that one typically finds in general interest magazines such as Time,
Newsweek, People, etc., or even professional/trade publications, such as the FBI
Law Enforcement Bulletin, the National Institute of Justice Journal, Police
Chief Magazine, etc. Rather, you are looking for scholarly journals that
commonly report original research or details of theories of information that
pertain to a specific field of criminal justice administration. A scholarly
journal article will use specialized or technical vocabulary that is specific
to that field and will provide documentation of a number of sources that will
be used in the article by listing specifics in multiple footnotes or a detailed
bibliography. The article will also normally include at least an overview of
the academic credentials of the author. The journal in which the article
appears will normally not contain advertisements. The journal’s printed
distribution will normally be of a more limited nature such as to educational
institutions, scholars, or professionals in that particular field. The New
England Journal of Medicine is an example of one such scholarly journal from
the medical field.

If you are unsure as to the terminology associated with
scholarly-quality, peer-reviewed, academic-quality, or similar references to
quality sources of information to be used in this assignment, see the “How to
Find a Scholarly Article” link in the Course Guides and Assignment Instructions/Additional
Information folder, the Liberty University ILRC, or the Liberty University
Online Student Library Services websites. You may also review public library
search engines or the library website of most major universities for assistance
in understanding these definitions.

You will note that you have not been provided an example of
a specific criminal justice-oriented, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.
Conducting the necessary research to locate a relevant scholarly journal as a
source of a specific, peer-reviewed article for this assignment is an important
element of the assignment.

You may exchange information/ideas with classmates on
potential journal sources in the Class Questions area of the Discussion Board
Forums. While as a class you are encouraged to collaborate on the research
aspect of this assignment, you are expected to independently complete the
analysis and writing portion of the assignment.

Your analysis mustbe provided in current APA format.

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