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Did the author include a reference to the research study using a format consistent with the APA Publication Manual?

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Abstract Revision


Abstract Revision

Select one of research study article that you found, giving preference to one that has an abstract that falls short of APA standards. Use the following questions as a guide to assess the abstract, and then rewrite the abstract accordingly:

o Did the author include a reference to the research study using a format consistent with the APA Publication Manual?

o Did the author mention the problem addressed within the study?

o Did the author state the central purpose of the study?

o Is information about the sample, population, or subjects provided?

o Are the key results summarized?

o Is the journal article clearly a report of a research study (instead of an essay, opinion paper, typology, or synthesis of past research)?

o Is the abstract no longer than a short paragraph (i.e., less than 1 double-spaced page)?

Be sure to submit the text of the original abstract, your brief assessment based on the above questions, and your revised abstract to your Instructor. If you are unable to copy and paste the original abstract into your document, you may provide your Instructor with the full article citation, noting the database in the Walden Library from which you retrieved this article.


Course Text

Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches 

Chapter 2, "Review of the Literature" (pp. 23–47)

In this chapter, the author covers the role of the literature review, discussing commonalities and differences among literature reviews in the different research method types.

In Chapter 4, "Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations" (read section "Writing Ideas"; pp. 79–87)

This section presents tips and techniques for producing and assessing scholarly prose.



Abstract Revision Name Course Instructor Date Abstract from article The aim of this cross-sectional study was to determine the significant limitations, sensitivity, specificity, partial correlations, and odds ratios of nutrient intake in patients with and without hypertension with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetic patients (n=220) with clinical diagnosis of hypertension and diabetic patients (n=230) without hypertension were included in this study. The questionnaire form included a list of 65 food items formed from five main food groups (grain, meat and alternatives, dairy products, vegetables fruits and fat) and 25 dietary habits. When both groups were compared and analyzed by logistic regression, black tea consumption (OR=0.823, Pb.001), vegetables–fruits scores (OR=0.853, Pb.001), triglycerides (OR=0.726, Pb.05), waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) (OR=0.777, Pb.01) and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) (OR=0.526, Pb.001) made significant differences. In ROC curves, the area under the curve of black tea (0.921), vegetables–fruits (0.906), triglycerides (0.889), WHR (0.881) and HDL-C (0.820) provided high accuracy to distinguish between patients with and without hypertension (Pb


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