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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia


Topic find me a topic for my research paper

Type of document Essay 

Single spaced No 

Academic level Undergraduate

Subject area Literature and Language 

Style APA

Language English (U.S.)

Number of pages 1 page(s) / approximately 275 word(s)

Number of sources 3

06:48 AM

Research Plan for Directed Study/Readings/Problems Courses

In fulfillment for the requirements of Heed 419 students will establish a research topic, explore this topic and produce a final paper. Heed 419 serves as an opportunity for you to explore public health issues of interests. As a result of this research exploration the creation of a methodologically sound research strategy and final paper will be required. This course is designed to give you the freedom to explore public health issues of interest and to clearly your research strategy.


Students Name: 

Students Email:

Students Phone Number: 

Proposed Area of Study: 

Why is this area of interest to you (Literature Review /Background?):

Description of Proposed Plan (areas to be examined)

What do you plan to do to complete this research exploration?

Anticipated questions to be answered? What do you wish to learn from this directed readings exploration?

Student’s Signature Date Faculty Member’s Signature Date

so basically what I want you is to find me a research topic related to health and i want you to use this formula,

(Exposures), Diseases/outcome in the population. then fill out the above question. after you guys find me the topic. by using this topic i have to find 30 different article do Annotated bibliography. please find me a good topic and send me with 3 article that you use to explain the topic thanks so much i look forward to see a good topic. if you need more information late me know. 

Annotated Bibliography –

PLEASE NOTE: For HEED 419, we are modifying the traditional format of an annotated bibliography. The description below is for informational purposes only. 

For Heed 419 we will modify the traditional format of an annotated bibliography as you learn the structure of research. In addition, each component in the annotation with the exception of the purpose of the study will have at least one evaluative sentence. There are 30 Annotations required for this course. Please staple, bind and secure all annotations prior to class. ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE DUPLICATED ANNOTATIONS, PLEASE USE THE WRITING CENTER TO CRITIQUE ALL OF YOUR WORK ESPECIALLY YOUR ANNOTATIONS. 

Structure of Heed 419 Annotated bibliography (1 page per annotation)

Each heading below must be in bold. If your annotation runs into the next page please be sure to be as brief as possible with no more than an additional 2-3 sentences. 

Pay Special attention to the content of each of your annotations. Each area should be written in complete sentences summarizing the major points of each of the required sections. Your aim is to give a snapshot of your article in your annotation. You can rephrase this as you wish so that each annotation does not sound the same (the only area that can always sound the same or similar is the purpose). Do not use direct quotations from the article or speak in the first person. 

 Citation (do not write the word “citation” at the top of the page, simply cite the (1) article in APA format) 

 Purpose. This section explains why the study is being conducted (or publication aim) and what the study will accomplish in concise brief sentence(s). Example(s): “The purpose of this study was to” OR “This review explored”

 Methods. This section should indicate the procedures or techniques being used in the study, where it took place. Researchers should also indicate whether or not the methods are quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. Research design should also be discussed here (examples: case-control, cross-sectional, correlational, longitudinal, etc.). Briefly describe how they carried out the study or how they went about reviewing prior work. Highlight statics used (such as pearsons correlation, regression, etc.) If the participants were consented, that should be indicated here as well. Example (s): “One-hundred college students were recruited for this qualitative study (or this publication if it was not a study) then given a survey that examined….” “Researchers used a regression analysis to examine the relationships of sleep to obesity.”

 Results. This section should include information specific to the population that the researcher intends to study as well as clearly identifying the setting in which this takes place. Statistical information (p-values, etc.) Example: “Results of this study indicated that…”

 Discussion: This section should be a synthesis of key points in the authors analysis or findings, not just a restatement of the research problem. 

i. This section should bring things together, 

ii. In this area you can highlight major points and its relevance to your particular research area.

iii. Most articles have a section where they discuss limitations. I would like for you to critically analyze and interpret your articles and mention shortcomings of the study that may influence the studies outcome, generalizability, methods, validity, reliability or interpretation of results and if so to what extent? Examples: flaws in study design, methods, consenting (or lack thereof). Example: “This study highlights ….. “ “This study improves our understanding… “ “Researchers failed to discuss informed consent…”

 Future Research Implications: In this section you highlight how the study can be improved, maybe they need more diversity, maybe it would be good to make it more generalizable, while publications will express what needs to be done in the future I would like you to also think about what could be done to make it a stronger study or review. 

06:48 AM


Diabetes and hypoglycemia Name Course Instructor Date Literature Review/ Background Patients with diabetes may experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), but they may not have adequate to improve their health outcomes through self-management practice. Bremer et al (2009) pointed out that older patients are at a higher risk of hypoglycemia because of impaired cognitive function and hypoglycemia unawareness. Patient awareness and health literacy are important elements to t


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