Aug 10, 2017

Deviance and Society in Ontario Canada

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Deviance and Society in Ontario Canada

These paper is in two part, attached is the information and the questions to be answered This discussion board is comprised of 2 parts: The first component asks you to please describe how each of the 5 neutralization techniques listed below are portrayed in the Little Miss Perfect video ( ) below. Be sure to provide an example for each technique from the clip. (For a refresher on neutralization techniques please refer to module 3 and the application of neutralization theory in prostitution) * Denial of responsibility; * Denial of injury; * Denial of the victim; * Condemnation of the condemners; and * Appealing to higher loyalties Player Controls Embedded Video Player: Little Miss Perfect- Inside Child Beauty Pageants Little Miss Perfect- Inside Child Beauty Pageants Duration: (3:44) User: gossipgirljulie - Added: 2/28/09 Please see the attached text for a transcript of the video. Little Miss Perfect Transcript.docx The second requirement is to find a current events newspaper or magazine article or brief video (for example something on the Montreal Student Strike, Pride Toronto, or the Rio +20 Summit, etc...) of interest to you and analyze it using one (or more) of the theories discussed this week. Be sure to include a link to the article or video! +++
Deviance and Society in Ontario CanadaName:Course:Professor Name:(July 21, 2012).Deviance and Society in Ontario CanadaDeviance is a condition or state in human beings that is marked different from the norm. Norms are expectations and rules guiding the members of a community. Deviance gears at failing at conforming to the social norms. Research indicates that social norms are different in different cultures (Goode, 2004). There are no standards in the deviance among communities along what may be considered normal in one community is deviance in another community. Sociologists argue that deviance is human traits display exceeding the community tolerance limit. It has been noted that deviance can be a reactive construction. Theories identified with deviance are; structural functionalism theory, Merton`s strain theory, Neutralization theory, labeling theory, control theory and conflict theory (Macionis, 2011). This paper heavily focuses on Neutralization theory in the Little Miss Perfect video. Little miss perfect is a series in reality television based in the United States of America. We Television indicate that the show considers girls aged five years to ten years on weekly basis in the beauty pageant. Michael Galanes is the host while the judges identifies with the Nyahsha Zimucha, Deedy Melanson, Janet McCullogh and David Gilbert. Narrations are often avoided in the show to avoid prior judgments; the girls in consideration are awarded money, crown, sash and pageant (Galanes, 2009). Techniques of neutralization are theoretical series applied in the people who commit acts considered illegitimate. Research indicates that the acts neutralize temporarily on values in the community that prohibits people from engaging in the illegal acts. The abnormal acts identifies with immorality and breaking the law and the like (Macionis, 2011). Techniques of neutralization guide the people psychologically in doing what is wrong or right. Neutralization theory asserts that people are aware of their moral obligations which guide them against illegitimate acts. Denial of Responsibility Research indicates that the offenders often propose that they were forced into the circumstances citing victims of the circumstances, which in one way or another were beyond their control (Macionis, 2011). This is commonly followed up by offender saying that it was not his or her fault. The show has been judged by some cultural groups as a model promoting sexual favors which is against the culture of the United States...

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