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Determining System Requirements and Process Modelling

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Determining System Requirements and Process Modelling


Assignment Overview
The purpose of the requirements determination is to capture a clear and high-level explanation of the system and user requirements stated in the systems request. The explanation consists of a very detailed list of requirements that can be used as input to the analysis phase, which requirements lead into the design of a system. Requirements that focus on business user needs are called business requirements and sometimes user requirements. In the design phase, business requirements evolve into technical requirements, and they describe how a system will be implemented.
Requirements can be functional or nonfunctional. A functional refers to a process the system has to perform or information it needs to contain. Nonfunctional refer to system properties such as performance and usability. Requirements are gathered in a report called requirements definition stating all functional and nonfunctional requirements in a text form. An effective way to gather requirements is to jointly have business users and analyst to elicit requirements. There are several techniques to gather requirements such as one-to-meetings, JAD sessions, observation, questionnaires, and prototyping. During requirement meetings, the analyst will ask open or close-ended questions for requirements gathering.
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One of the potential problems with gathering information requirements by observing potential system users is that people may change their behavior when observed. What could you do to overcome this potentially confounding factor in accurately determining information requirements? What guidelines should you follow? How can you differentiate between facts and opinions in requirements gathering? Why can both be useful? Write this assignment in 4-5 pages.


DETERMINING SYSTEM REQUIREMNENTS AND PROCESS MODELLING Student Name: University Name: Determining System Requirements and Process Modelling Determination of requirements and requirements structuring in organizations are very crucial in system analysis. There are several forms of data collection that system analysts use for instance; there is the traditional data collection system and the modern form of data collection. The four main traditional methods comprise of questionnaire form of data collection, interviewing the staff and clients form, direct observation of events by the system analysts, and document analysis. The modern methods of information collection are from the traditional methods and involve prototyping and JAD CITATION ITP04 l 1033 (IT Project Management Certificate Program, 2004). To improve communication among analysts, programmers, designers and other users, the organization requires a well-structured system to represent the requirements for the system. The traditional primary tools for structuring the system are such as E-R diagrams, structured English, decision trees, DFD, and decision tables. These aid system analysts in coming up with necessary information for the organizations. System analysts use RAD and OOA to shorten and streamline the total SDLC, RAD consolidates the traditionally analysis and design phase to one-step while OOA tries to make the outcomes of system analysis to be reused by the developing phases CITATION ...

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