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Describe your favorite grammar/style guide. Under what circumstances did you acquire or learn about it?

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Describe Your Favorite Specific Grammar and Style Guide


Page 1: On the subject of grammar and style guides, find one (one at least, though you could find one of each) and answer all of the following questions in regard to it:
1. Describe your favorite grammar/style guide. Under what circumstances did you acquire or learn about it?
2. Look up a specific grammatical rule and then a specific stylistic rule. How does the guidance differ?
4. Which guides would you use for which special purposes? Would you ever ignore a suggestion from a particular guide? Why or why not?
5. If you had could buy a new grammar/style guide, which one would you buy? Or if you aren’t sure, what characteristics would you be looking for?
6. A great deal of grammar and stylistic advice is available online. Do you still prefer books or online guidance? Why or why not?
7. Take a look at what your classmates have recommended. How, in general, are they alike? How do they differ? Why?
Page 2: Take a look at these grammar sites:
Be sure you have your audio on for Chomp-Chomp!
Look around the sites carefully. Some of the exercises may be too simple, but others will be helpful. In Your Discussion post, consider these questions:
1. What makes a site helpful? Describe the interactivity.
2. Which sites were not helpful? Why?
3. If a site was not helpful, what role did the type of interactivity play in the site? Was the site’s layout and design problematic, or helpful?
page 3: Compare and contrast a technical manual with another non-fiction book of your choice


Style Guides Name: Institution: Style Guides 1 My favorite style guide is the American Psychological Association (APA). It is a guide often applied in social sciences and which provides guidelines for paper citations, layout, style, references and abstract. I learned about APA while I was writing academic papers back in college. 2 Commonly used grammatical rule and a stylistic rule are online citation styles and writer’s handbook. The difference between the two is that one is used online while the other is used manually. An online citation style is whereby an individual insert references i


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