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Describe about H1N1 dominant influenza virus?

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Public Health: H1N1 Dominant Influenza Virus


Describe about H1N1 dominant influenza virus?



H1N1 is related to dominant influenza virus that had affected people from different parts of the world. Though the World Health Organization or WHO had in the year 2009 declared to end the serious problem associated with H1N1.  The spread of the problem has been on an increase due to unawareness amongst the people. H1N1 is a viral problem, and could spread easily among people. The Phase 6 has been put up on alert, which included providing better information about the medical problem to the people. Unlike couple of years ago, H1N1 is no longer considered to be the dominant influenza (CDC, 2010).

Details of the problem

The medical experts have collected the required and essential evidence that provide details about the viral diseases. This is a seasonal viral problem, which has a major impact on the people and their lives. Thus, WHO drafted plans for global preparedness, which included stocking hospitals with medical assistances, quick detection of the medical parole, vaccination cover, and proving better medical problem?

The medical assistance had to be allocated as per the population in a community. Besides this, it was essential to create awareness about the medical problem and the steps that can be taken to control from spreading to others. Attempts have been made to stop the spread of the medical problem, and thus accurate information about the medical problem. People with weaker immunity and health system were advised to intake healthy food. This could prevent the problem from spreading too many others, which could make the situation quite uncontrollable (World health organization, 2009).


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