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Describe about Alzheimer Diseas?

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Alzheimer Disease


Describe about Alzheimer Diseas?



Alzheimer’s disease is marked by continuous dementia. The cholinergic neurons are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and it is a neurodegenerative disorder. Generally aged people are affected by this disease. Due to Alzheimer’s disease the personality and memory of people are damaged. Emotions, capacity to solve the problems and social skills are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The main reason of Alzheimer’s disease is cholinergic deficiency in the brain. So the patient with Alzheimer’s disease needs an extra care from the nurses. The role of nurse with the patient is very important because the patients are unable to do their daily work.

Communication is very important in the career of nursing. The information can be transferred by communicating with the people. Nursing is the profession where the communication is more important because they are needed to communicate with the patient, the family of patient, the co-workers of nurses, supervisors, and many others (Effective communication: Principle of nursing practice E; 2015). Sometimes a long communication takes more time. We need to communicate with others at a short time, so the key components of the communication are needed. Communication in this profession is not an easy task because single incorrect information may lead to a huge problem. So the potential and the skill of communication are very important for nursing career (Laleh Loghmani, 2014).

The patient with Alzheimer’s disease is handled carefully because their mental condition is not stable or normal. The nurse should have the knowledge to communicate to this type of patient. The nurse should communicate with the family of an Alzheimer’s disease patient because the patient has not the capacity to memorize (Nursetogether.com, 2011). Alzheimer’s disease gradually decreases the ability of patient to communicate with others. So it is difficult for the nurse to communicate with the patient. It is the challenging task to communicate with the patient for nurse and also the family of patient. There are some regulations for communication with the Alzheimer’s disease (Helpguid.org). The nurse should communicate in a short, clear and simple sentence which is easy to understand. It is the responsibility of nurse to tell the patient about everything if the patient wants to know. Every time the nurse should call the patient by their own name. The patient is taken more time to understand all conversations and for this reason the nurse should speak very slowly with the patient. Only closed- ended questions are used for this type of patients. Because of the short term memory the nurse should ready to repeat same conversation. Sometimes the patients are behaved like baby and it is the responsibility to nurse to talk in a baby talk language.


The change in behavior is noticed in the patient with Alzheimer’s disease. The responsibility comes to the nurse to take proper care. Because of the seriousness of the disease the nurse should handle with care and communicate in a right way. The nurse should apply technique for keeping the attention of the patients. There are some techniques to capture the attention of patients. Those are eye contact, smiling face, body language gestures etc.


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