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Delia grows in strength and insight

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Sweat: Delia grows in strength and insight


"Sweat" - Narrative by Zora Neale Hurston

-Delia Grows in Strength and Insight -

-Write a minimum of 15 complete sentences, 3 paragraphs of sentences each using evidence (quotes instead of paraphrases) from the texts as well as from at least 3 critical, college level sources, one of which must be in the posted folder in Course Content.(provided)


Delia`s growth in defiance and rebellion does not end in her going mad, defiling a corpse, or committing suicide as the heroines do in the former texts. As an African-American woman, she has another option: she 

stands her ground -- she refuses to leave her house, she will not go crazy, she will not commit necraphelia, and she will not kill herself. 

Even her name, DELIA, is stronger than the other female characters` names about whom we have read. It comes from the Biblical Delilah and from Cordelia as in "American Horror Story," Season Three. Said Cordelia has the divine or witch`s gift of insight, grows from weakness to strength, etc. 

Select any three of Delia`s (in "Sweat") acts of rebellion/defiance and demonstrate how each further strengthens her resolve to be free. At one point, she threatens to go to the next town to get help from "the white folks," but she quickly abandons that notion. 

View "Rosewood"(http://putlocker.is/watch-rosewood-online-free-putlocker.html)(reference) 



Extra note: The writing style of essay should match the example essay I uploaded.


Topic: Name: Institution: Date: Sweat: Delia grows in strength and insight The story describes the Delia’s sweat and how she liberates herself from sexual oppression through searching for her personal identity (Croft 46). She became blatant defiant, acquired mastery of verbal resistance, adopted masculine characteristics and acquired spiritual serenity in order to own oneself. Delia is compelled to come into reality with her brutality immoral and parasitic hu


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